Shilin – An Amazing Stone Forest

Have you heard of the stone forest? Yes, it is true, there is such a thing. Nature is just amazing and a lot of her locations are masterpieces. Places that are incredible and are worth seeing once in a lifetime. Today we will present a place that probably you do not know that exists. We are talking about stone forest.

Observation of the stone forest Shilin is an amazing experience. If you have never seen such a landscape, you will run out of breath. Also make sure that you make amazing photos that will be proof for an incredible experience.

Shilin or Stone Forest in translation is one of the most beautiful natural places created by Earth. It is located in Yunnan Province in southwest China. It is estimated that this array of stalactites which seem to have been brought from old country is over 270 million years. They look like trees made of stone, creating the illusion of a forest made of rocks. Precisely because of that the place brings such a name. Shilin gives the illusion of stone forest with beautiful landscapes, amazing forms that for a moment look like are painted on canvas.

At 1984 was declared a national park that spreads on 350 square kilometers. Shilin is significant attraction which annually is visited by over 10 million travelers worldwide. Like any spectacular scenery, this also has its legends. The most famous is the legend of a beautiful girl Ashima. She was forbidden to marry the man of her love, the one she loved. Because of love she turned into one of the stone columns in the woods. Shilin has a unique landscape. A similar of that place is Stone forest in Madagascar. However, Shilin is unique and in the world is known as the “Museum of the stone forest”.

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