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Shirakawa – Japanese Village With Winter Spirit

Although it looks like an images from a books, the tiny, picturesque, small towns are actually one of the best kept secrets of the world. So, there is only one question: do you have enough curiosity, courage and time to visit the most famous Japanese village Shirakawa?

Japanese village Shirakawa is a typical mountain place where 96% of the area is composed of mountains and forests and only 0.4% is cultivated land. The beautiful houses are built of wooden beams in the style of cottages in order to form gradients. In this village all buildings are adapted to the environment in which they are located in order to withstand the sediment of snow that can be at extremely large quantities. Snow is not always the same, so it not always removed. Dry, powdery and light snow which is the most common is left from the locals on the roofs of their houses. If it is wet, then it is also heavy up to 20 tons. The houses in Shirakawa are 200 years old and are made just of wood. All are facing east-west to attract as much sun on the roof. Also the roofs are changing once in 30-40 years.

Three weekends in January and February, all lights shining on the top of every house and view is just spectacular. Lighting last 3 hours and access is limited. The only way to get to the amazing village Shirakawa is to stay in line and to hope that you will get only one picture from the stunning light show.

In 1995 Shirakawa in Berlin Germany was declared as UNESCO World Heritage site and placed under protection. Shirakawa is a magical place which takes you back in time where you find yourself in an incredible fairy-tale. Тhe village Shirakawa is often visited by tourists who enjoy walking and hiking.

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