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Siena – Ideal Destination For Art Lovers

Art lovers always precisely choose their travel destinations. They often choose music centers, theaters, museums and high art. If you are one of these fanatics see some place rich with art and select your next destination, the city of Sienna.

This beautiful place is a town in the eponymous region in Tuscany. For many, this is the most beautiful city of Italy, as well certainly one of the most visited cities in Italy. This medieval town is worth a visit through the whole year. First it was settled by Etruscans and then by Romans. This town spent more than 400 years as an independent republic. Siena became known after the Piazza del Campo, the main shopping center, which today looks the same as in the 13th century. Also it is known by the Palio di Siena horse race, which is held from the 17th century until today.

One view from the high tower, Torre di Mangia is enough to understand why in this city, which has only 60,000 inhabitants, annually pass over a million tourists. Even more clearly is the fact why Siena has long been on the list of UNESCO and to its environment “deserved” to be protected as a cultural heritage or cultural landscape.

Numerous urban churches hide great Renaissance treasures and the most beautiful cathedral in Siena is showcasing the works of Michelangelo, Donatello and Bernie.
Siena is not the place for parties, but if you prefer a quiet evening and fine restaurants as well as romantic walks at night through narrow streets, then this is truly the destination for you.

The attraction of Siena is amazing. There are no avenues of trees, sea or river. Also the city is not lying at striking hill, but everything works according to such an extent which making Siena simply the best.

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