Enjoy The Beauty of Simien Mountains

The Semien Mountains are one of the most beautiful mountains in northern Ethiopia, north east of Gondar and are part of the Ethiopian Highlands. These beautiful mountains are part of the Semien Mountains National Park and they are a World Heritage Site. The Semien Mountains consist of plateaux separated by valleys. With a height of 4,550 m Ras Dashen is the highest peak of the mountains. Just behind him is the peak Mounts Biuat height of 4,437 m and Kidis Yared height of 4,453 m.

If you are lover of awesome nature, beautiful mountain, clean and fresh air, breathtaking landscapes, amazing scenery then we suggest to you to visit the Semien Mountains in Ethiopia. Also this place is a great destination for those who wants to escape noise from a big cities, relax and forget everyday problems.

Below you can see some spectacular photos from Semien Mountains that will gonna make you to wish to visit it one day in your life. Also these pictures are prove that our world is full with breathtaking places.

Image by Richard Mortel via Flickr

Image by Moi of Ra via Flickr

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Image by Matthew Goulding via Flickr

Simien Mountains National Park is one of the most beautiful national parks in Ethiopia. it is located in the Semien (North) Gondar Zone of the Amhara Region. its territory includes Ras Dashan, the highest point in Ethiopia and covers the Simien Mountains. Simien Mountains National Park is home to a number of endangered species, including the Ethiopian wolf and the walia ibex, a wild goat found nowhere else in the world.

Image by Ruth Lathlean via Flickr

Image by Indrik myneur via Flickr

Image by mariusz kluzniak via Flickr

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