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Mixture of Chinese, Indian and Malay influences Helping Singapore to be Complete Tourist Destination

Traveling in Asia can be intimidating for Western travelers, because of the differences in culture, but it is a great place to experience the Far East for the first time. It is actually the best way to connect with the culture and spirit of the place you want to visit. The travelers transfer their experience as one of the most beautiful and ultimately remain anything but lonely and frighten. Those people celebrating victory over fear and know how to indulging in the world. Most famous destinations daily attract tourists and get their maximum traveling experience.

Singapore encourages tourism especially in July during the Food Festival and the Festival of the Sun in autumn which is a celebration of music, art, literature, film, wine, food and healthy living.

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The Republic of Singapore is an island city-state that occupies 63 islands in Southeast Asia. Also it for its strategically important position is called “Asian Gibraltar”. Singapore – the lion city has more than 7 million inhabitants and today is the capital of shopping. Singapore it is one of the few remaining city-states in the world and the smallest country in Southeast Asia that thanks to its modern architecture, the multitude of temples and rich tropical vegetation occupies a special place on the world tourist map. Since its declaration of independence in 1965, Singapore has fast and safe ascent.

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Although it is already known for its beautiful historical buildings, colorful shopping centers and well-kept parks, has recently been accepted as complete tourist destination. The contrasts, rigorous rules, huge skyscrapers, delicious food created with a mixture of Chinese, Indian and Malay influences, make this city an excellent opportunity for exciting life in different neighborhoods. Singapore is very densely populated, and the city center is composed of several districts, known as the Central Business district and there also is the center of nightlife. Singapore is ranked as the country in which it is best to run a business.

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Among the passengers, Singapore is known as a multicultural paradise with plenty of tourist attractions. It has been surpassed the high-ranking countries such as Namibia, Latvia, Nicaragua and Ireland. We recommend visiting the different ethnic neighborhoods like Malay, Indian and Chinese which visits are organized by bus tours. Also visit Singapore’s national symbol, 8.6 meter high sculpture of a lion-fish weighing 70 tons named Merlion. Nearby is Kaven Bridge, the oldest bridge in the city which was built in 1869th.

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