Smell The Spring of Magic And Violet Provence in France

There are many tourist destinations around the world that attract people’s attention by its uniqueness. However, some are lesser known and undeserved receive less publicity despite its beauty. One such place is the Provence in France. The Provence associated at lavender, something soft, smelly, clean, relaxing and beautiful.

Romantic paths and narrow streets lead to countless adventures. In Provence you have the opportunity to travel to history and review preserved ancient aqueducts or medieval castles. You can enjoy the horizons of the charming French cafés and scenes of everyday life. Visit Provence and introduce part of the rich cultural heritage visiting numerous art galleries and museums. The beauty of this French southern place leaves no one indifferent.

In the south of France, in the surroundings of the Maritime Alps, the valley of the Rhone River and the Mediterranean Sea is located piece of land with heavenly beauty, where waking senses are captivated by the pleasantness of the scents, sounds and picturesque landscapes. The most famous part of Provence, France, is one where are stretching endless fields of lavender. Lavender is a genus of 39 species of flowering plants of the mint family, “Lamiaceae”. It is a plant that is present everywhere, from the Canary Islands, through southern Europe, the Mediterranean, across northern and eastern Africa, southwest Asia, to India.

Precisely because of that it is something that reminds of beauty. Landscapes are immortalized in photographs of those who have visited this place. Beautiful purple colour will remind you of lovely smell and for a moment you can relax. The Provence will allow you to feel wonderful spring. Simply, it is a beautiful sight that you must experience in live. In summer it is too hot and there are too many visitors, so it is best to visit in the spring. Then the smell of lavender is strongest.

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