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Sofas in the Big Brother House Over the Years

Big Brother became a national hit television series when it aired in the UK in 2000. Since then there have been a variety of different versions of the show including Ultimate Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother. The furniture on the series has become just as popular as the show itself as it managed to put on display some of the top looks of the year and it even created new looks that viewers were amazed over. Fans couldn’t wait to purchase the sofas for their own homes.

Sofas in the Big Brother house over the years have become a focal point on the show. Some have been fashion statements while others were provided for comfort and style, yet still innovative. Looking at the different sofas that appeared on Big Brother there’s a wide range of styles from unique to beautiful. Here are some of the looks from 2002 to 2014.

Many of the early sofas were focused on comfort. As the members of the house spent about three months in one place they had to be ensured comfort if nothing else. In 2002 there were red plushy cushioned sofas that were so comfortable that it’s a wonder how anyone left the couch to do anything else. In 2003 The color changed, but the style remained the same with large green plush cushions. 2004 became more innovative with a circular blue hard plastic shiny framing and large plush cushions.

Sofas in the Big Brother house over the years continued to change as shown in the 2006 Celebrity Big Brother with multiple colored sofas including orange, yellow and olive green with hard backs and a few pillows. The cushions were minimised and comfort was sacrificed for looks. One of the most innovative styles was an L shaped yellow sofa that sat low to the ground. It uniquely provided individual seating in a bucket seat style. The backing was buttoned to the frame and once again the sofa stood out.

2010 was the year that red colors were used. On the celebrity Big Brother red velvet was used in the lounge area as it appeared like a Lincoln Chesterfield sofa that was oversised and a plain base plinth that’s non-buttoned. A dark brown leather sofa was also used on the same series in a different room, delivering sophistication and elegance with buttoned back and arms and padded cushions.

Sofas in the Big Brother house over the years continued to change with 2012 leather that was combined with an innovative cow hide texture with white and brown on the edges and cushions. It combined a modern flare to a classic look.

2013 on Celebrity Big Brother there was a stunning red leather sofa that appeared like the Birch Antique sofa from the Chesterfield collection. It has a low back along with low sides and a rounded seated area. This allowed for the Big Brother guests to have even more relaxation throughout the show.

As Big Brother continues to be a top show in the UK it’s no wonder how the sofas on the show continue to inspire and generate new looks for households. The Chesterfield Sofa Company provides much of the furniture for the show and continues with highly influential styles for the average to high end home decor. As the company provides handmade fabric and leather they also allow customers to choose the type of fur they may want to include in their sofa including brown seal, desert fox, or chinchilla. There’s always something to find and enjoy with Chesterfield Sofa Company and they will make a sofa to your liking.

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