Have Something Different with a Culinary Safari in Bansko

Bansko is a resort, internationally known for its mountain and cultural tourism. However, your visit there may also be combined with a unique culinary adventure to make a special trip that is quite delicious and attractive. Because everything is offered here – traditional and modern cuisine as well as regional, national, international, and specialized cuisine.

Apart from the fact that the food is deliciously prepared and there are dishes you probably have not tried, you can eat the food in an interesting and attractive way and atmosphere. You only need to choose what you like.

For example, there is organized attraction fishing with preparation and consumption of the catch in the open, among the incredible scenery surrounding Ribarnika complex. Or, during a horseback riding, photo hunting or hunting, archery, etc., you may have a barbecue for lunch prepared on stone and charcoal…

This may be accompanied by live music and a dance ensemble. In this way you will see the local customs, feel the hospitality and touch the living traditions of Pirin.

You may also visit the luxurious Italian restaurant Leonardo. In this restaurant in Bansko there is a modern show cooking section and BBQ, where you can watch closely the preparation of the dishes. The dishes are entirely according to authentic, original Italian recipes, with original Italian products and spices.

Moreover, the Italian restaurant Leonardo is part of the Leonardo Aqua complex – this gives you the opportunity to relax at the pools while you are offered lounge food, chilled wine, and cocktails…

Among the various offers, there are such for wine tourism – specially selected Bulgarian wines and sophisticated appetizers, which you can enjoy on the background of the artful performances of local folk singers and dancers.

You can also choose the trip to Melnik – you will enjoy the unique Melnik wine stored in cellars dug into the ground. Of course, this will be combined with the unique revival architecture in the smallest town in Bulgaria – the Kordopulov house is unique for the whole of Bulgaria!

Nowadays, the cuisine of Bansko is famous for a variety of dishes, sausages, appetizers, and stewed dishes. Very popular are the Banska kapama, Banski flat-sausage, chomlek, Banski starets, Banski kustureta, Katino meze, banitsa, burek. Lamb’s cheverme and inwards are a local specialty, sheep milk with honey and blueberries, banitsa, and burek are very delicious. The area is free of pollution and it is guaranteed that the dishes are made of ecologically clean products and spices.

The cuisine of Bansko has been distinguished for a long time, local traditions have also combined various external influences. Archaeological excavations show that the area was inhabited even during the Thracian times. A fortress, which survived until the fall of the Ottoman Empire, was discovered. The locals gave in it the last resistance to the invaders.

Over the centuries, the population has been communicating with Turks and Greeks, influenced by the Aegean coast, Central and Western Europe, with which, especially during the Revival, there was a lively trade. Over time, there has also been a considerable Protestant community. The evangelical community has existed since 1860, and the Roma here celebrate both Christian and Muslim feasts.

All this has enriched the culinary traditions in Bansko, so that they are today unique and attractive for the tourists. Do not miss the opportunity to taste it yourself!

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