South Carolina: Reasons Why Renting a Vacation Home is Better than Staying in a Hotel

Over the past decade, the industry of vacation rental has shown a significant amount of increase, and there are no signs of slowing down. Travelling has increased, and people are looking for more homes like vacations, which are of higher quality. To find a perfect destination, people are booking longer trips, exploring the unexplored, and spending more money. Is all this effort worth when staying in a vacation rental in South Carolina? The answer is yes.

Here are the most significant reasons why renting a vacation home is worth for your vacation

More Than Just a Room

With vacation homes, you can access one of a kind’s world opportunities. Your dream of staying in an 18th-century villa overlooking the vineyards of Tuscany can come true. You can also rent a bungalow on a private beach in the oceanfront. A historic castle and a luxurious cottage are also available for rent in vacation rentals. You can get all these luxurious houses on rent in just a few clicks away.

Renter’s Market

There is no limit to what you will get in a vacation home. There is a lot of competition for your holiday dollars, and the people who own a vacation home pull out all the hurdles to entice you. There is nothing unusual with a home that features the latest gaming console, big-screen televisions with many channels, luxury linens, gourmet kitchens, vouchers for local attractions, and many other things.

No Hidden Charges

You will deal directly with a homeowner when you book a vacation home. It will give you a clear idea of what exactly will be included in your stay and how much it will cost. There is no surprise fee for pool towels, parking, internet, bottled water, etc. all this is included in the rental price.


Vacation rentals are suitable for people who like to have their own space. Hotel rooms, on the other hand, have maids running everywhere; they have thin walls, HVAC and elevator noise, crowded pools, Noisy room on the other side, and much more. These irritants do not apply in most vacation homes.

More Spacious

The average of most hotel rooms is just 325 square feet; even if you book a spacious suite, it won’t go above 650 square feet. Whereas, a vacation home can give you 1300 square feet of space to stretch, unwind, and enjoy. Moreover, there won’t be any fights among siblings. Kids usually fight for the side of the bed, who are watching the TV, as vacation homes will have many beds to occupy and multiple TVs to enjoy your program. Also, couples can get their privacy thanks to a separate bedroom for parents too.


Vacation homes are always affordable than hotels. You can get an enormous house on rental for your family in a slightly more amount than what you are paying for a small room in a hotel. You also get many amenities in comparison to a hotel stay. When you are staying with a large family, you have to book multiple rooms in the hotel, which will cost you more than a vacation home that can accommodate all. Therefore, all in all, a vacation stay will cost you less than a hotel stay.


When you stay in a hotel, you have no choice. You have to stick to the program for meals, housekeeping, fitness facilities, etc. whereas you don’t have those boundaries in a vacation home. In a vacation home, you are free to eat and sleep and enjoy the way you like.


Most of the vacation rentals in South Carolina are pet-friendly, and it is effortless to find one. You don’t have much choice for a pet-friendly hotel room in major tourist areas. Homeowners usually do not have trouble allowing your pet with you, as vacation home will have only your family staying for the booked period. They sometimes also offer a cozy pet house for your four-legged member to have its own time. Isn’t this a fantastic deal?

Having a Home Meal

Eating out can cost you many dollars. What would be an excellent opportunity to save those dollars by having your meals at home prepared by you? Moreover, you can also enjoy your meal without worrying about the cost of it. Your kids can also have what they like, and you won’t be confined to those dishes the restaurant offers you.

Live Like Locals

Vacation rentals are mostly in residential areas and not on the touristy places like a hotel. You would be more familiar with how the locals live and will be able to get an insight into what activities are more famous in the town. You will probably interact with the locals staying nearby and get to know the tips for good restaurants and shopping stores.


Location is what matters the most. You have the option of a vacation home in a tourist place. Alternatively, you can pick a calm and serene area. There are many vacation rentals in South Carolina, and it would not be difficult for you to find one. Hotels might be confined only to the tourist areas, but that is not the case with vacation homes.

Take Away

Vacation homes are more like homes and make you comfortable the moment you enter. Hotels make you feel more like an outsider and would deprive you of specific benefits the vacation home has.

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