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Sparkling Ramona Waterfalls

Оne of the biggest tourist attractions in each country of course are the waterfalls. In some countries there is just one, in other there is some more, but all countries which have this treasure in common is that attract tourists worldwide. These natural phenomena were created thousands of years previously and can be divided into tectonic, erosive and accumulative. Some waterfalls also are made by people artificially in order to beautify the nature.

Do you ever heard about Ramona Waterfalls? There are beautiful views of Mount Hood and definitely what the nature offer is a spectacle. Glittering water is the reason that will makes you speechless. Ramona Waterfalls is located on the upper Sandy River on the west side of Mount Hood in Oregon, USA. It is situated at 1090 meters high scenic wild nature.

There is a path that leads immediately to the river Sandy. The trail has several junctions and more roads. If you choose this place, we propose the one that leads through the pedestrian and riding horses, which are particularly contributing to finish this adventure. Besides the impression of glittering water, you will be fascinated by the interior of the forest.

To the beauty of the Ramona Waterfalls contributed crushed ice chips, washed with mountain glaciers, that it creates the impression that the waterfall is like a wedding veil.
The main advantage and feature of Ramona Waterfalls is the stunningly beautiful view, created by the forces of nature. So far, this picturesque place is visited from not too many tourists, because you can reach it only on foot. But, those who saw the fantastic Ramona Waterfalls will remember this wonderful spectacle for life.

Visiting the Ramona Waterfalls you will see stunning view, you will hear sparkling susurration and you will feel wild harmony. So do not think, just jump in the arms of one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world.

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