Spello – Wonderful Town Which Attracts With Its Own Beauty

All destinations that are located in beautiful Italy are magical. Some of them are world famous cities and tourist sites, some only locally famous attractions. But one thing is for sure, they will leave you speechless. Picturesque views and landscapes are painted as a postcard. Today we suggest to visit the town Spello. If you have never been there now is a good time to surrender to the desire for beautiful Italy.

The city of Spello is a real attraction. Best time to visit is certainly the spring and summer, when the streets are full of different kinds of flowers, making the place even more magical.
For sure, you can easily imagine yourself walking on these same streets which are hundred years old. Go there and enjoy.

Town of Spello, known as Hispellum it is located in Umbria, Italy. The ancient town in Perugia fascinates with its outstanding architecture, compressed into a small space. The density of the small narrow streets is determined primarily by the medieval buildings of Spello. Every traveler knows that cities can be best explored by wandering the streets. Sometimes long walks may bring more satisfaction instead visits of museums and important sights. In some places streets represent monuments worth to be seen. Citizens even recommend to lose through the streets of Spello – so you truly experience the spirit of the town.

They apply to very hospitable people, always ready to talk and to help. Medieval walls hide a number of churches of the same period, restaurants and cafes which offering delicious local food, as well as wine bars and boutiques. Spello also is known for L’infiorata or Flower Festival, held every year. Leaves of flowers literally cover the entire city. Love of flowers continues throughout the year, where residents arranged the streets, their ladders and balconies with flowers.

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