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Spend This Summer in Garda, Italy

Garda lake is one of the most beautiful attraction in Italy. It is located in the Nothern Italy. Italy is one of the most visited country in Europe. Total population of Italy is 60.92 million of people and the total area is 116.347 squares miles. The capital and one of the most beautiful cities in Italy is Rome.

Summer is so near to us. So if you want to explore some new place in Europe we suggest to go in Garda. Garda is a small but very beautiful town. Becouse of that it would be the perfect summer destination for your family. There you can have an unforgettable summer vacation. Garda is a city rich with amazing landscapes, beautiful old buildings, amazing castles. Also there you can taste one of the most delicious traditional food in Italy. Total area of the Garda lake is 142.8 sq miles (370 km²). There you can enjoy in the crystal clear water, fairy tale sunny beaches and astonishing landscapes. 

Below you can see 8 awesome photos of Garda lake, that will take your breath away, and maybe you will find your perfect destination for your summer vacation.

Image By Claus Thoden Via Flickr

Image By Michael Bertulat Via Flickr

Image By Michael Bertulat Via Flickr

Image By fotokunde Via Flickr

Image By transCam Via Flickr

Image By Ronile35 Via Flickr

Image By Andreas Flohr Via Flickr

Image By bara brab Via Flickr

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