Spice Your Wedding with an Amazing Photo Booth

Planning my wedding day involved countless sleepless night and a constant rollercoaster of excitement and stress. I was worried that I would miss something major and ruin the whole day. I had researched and bought plenty of wedding magazines to get some inspiration on the look my husband and I were going for. I had everything booked and planned 8 months prior to ensure the day ran as smoothly as possible. From the fine detail such as choosing the perfect flower arrangements, finding a professional wedding cake decorator and making sure the menu was tasteful, I was struggling to find some form of entertainment for the guests. It’s a really nerve racking day and there’s so much pressure to have the ultimate wedding with great food and good company. I have been to a few awkwardly tedious weddings and I was trying to maintain that mine wasn’t going to be one of them.

Walking down the aisle to marry the man I’m going to spend the rest of my life with was exhilarating. I married into a large family and our wedding day consisted of over 500 guests. The tables were decorated with ‘rustique’ style decorations and flowers to match the cake and we also hired some gorgeous timber furniture from Elegant Hire to fill the outdoor areas for guests to enjoy the view of the Harbour Bridge. It was hard to decide a seating plan so we chose a venue that offered plenty of standing up room and a large outdoor area.

Everyone became curious about the photo booth and joined in on getting creative with the props. It makes it impossible to know when to stop when you have unlimited photos and at that point you’re not even worried about the time. The main focal point aside from the ceremony and my dress was the photo booth and throughout the night friends were already sharing the photos on social media. The bridesmaid’s and groomsmen took some hilarious and unforgettable group shots whilst my husband and I joined in and also got some great fun pictures which was a nice break from the professional photographs which were taken throughout the day.

As a new family, we took some photos in the photo booth was really special moment. It was a lovely touch to compliment the day and it was a laugh to get silly and be yourself in your own space. You literally blink with the flash still raw in your eyes and your photos have already printed. I was amazed at the quality; I wasn’t expecting them to turn out so clear. Every photo was stamped adding our own personal touch with our names and the date commemorating our wedding day.

My husband and I made the decision to hire a photo booth in Sydney because we took into account that guests would arrive sporadically, no one missed out and anyone could use it when they felt like it. We loved that everyone was purely themselves in front of the camera and we got some really great photographs that we wouldn’t have otherwise had.

We were so happy with how the day panned out because at the end of the day you only intend on getting married once and luckily we were left with such wonderful memories from our special day.

The high resolution images were sent so quickly and we were really happy with the way they turned out.  We received endless compliments about our choice of live music, the photo booth and the food.

I would have no hesitation in saying that the Elegant Hire photo booth was the prime statement that brought everyone together on our wedding day. Whenever I come across a photo booth at an event I always get involved for a good laugh, it brings back really beautiful memories. I wish I could have taken it on our honeymoon.

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