To Build a Spiritual Refuge from the Outside World

Nowadays, few people are lucky enough to find a job of their interest but we have freedom to decorate our house in accordance with our preference, which is of vital importance to our off-work time. If you are a great fan of traditional culture, you may want your house to present an antique flavor which will make you feel pleasant and soothed after a day’s tiring work in the bustling world. Then a room in antique style may satisfy your inner demands. Here we will talk about two basic accessories to a room in antique style.

A wooden bookshelf in dark color will form an indispensable part of a room in antique style. To survive in this world, we may put much more attention on the material things, which is unavoidable to modern people. However, the spiritual growth is as important as, if not more important than, the material growth. So, we need to study. More and more people are getting information and knowledge via electronic media, but those media also make us increasingly impatient and anxious. Nothing is more powerful than books to pacify our heart and broaden our mind with less damage to our eyesight. Then we should place a bookshelf to put our books in place. Imagine how great you will feel when you see your collection of books on the shelf. After a day’s of exhausting work, we need to calm down and avoid mood swings. Wooden furniture in dark color is believed to have this effect. In a word, books and a bookshelf are very important to build a spiritual refuge.

Another significant factor to a room in antique style is its lighting fixture. As we all know, the light’s appearance and the light it illuminates will determine the whole room’s ambience. If you want to make your room luxurious and brilliant, you may prefer crystal glittering lights. But for an antique-style room, vintage lighting fixtures will strengthen the antique flavor in that they look steady and low-key with its vintage design. Those lighting fixtures in vintage style include some ancient and classic features, making them a wise addition to a room in antique style. For a living room, a vintage chandelier will give out ambient soft light, building a comfortable living environment. For the hallway or front gate, you can mount a vintage wall sconce, which is the first thing to your guest’s eyesight and shows some characteristics of the master. The study and bedroom can be furnished with a vintage table lamp, which will contribute to a relaxing surrounding for you to study or rest.

Vintage Pendant Lighting

It seems natural that we get tired after a whole day’s work. We need a good rest in our free time and hope that our own living room will spare us from the outside bustling world. Imagine that under the comfortable light given out by a vintage lighting fixture, you pick up one of your favorite books from the bookshelf, sit in an antique armchair and follow the wonderful story in the book. What a cozy scene it would be! This quaint living space will definitely be a spiritual refuge from the earthy world.

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