Squeeze the Most out of your Holidays

There is always a deadline when we travel, a day when we have to pack our bags and return to our daily lives. Sometimes it isn’t as bad as it sounds though, as often we book a room in a hotel where although we may have all the basic conveniences, it can hardly replace our home. In addition, if you travel with your family in order to save some money for doing more cool activities during your stay, and all of you stay together under the same roof (literally), friction and arguments might even arise and you could end up wishing for that deadline to come!

That’s why we believe there are other, better, equally affordable places to live while on your holidays. For example, let’s imagine that you are thinking about travelling to Spain and, more specifically, to its islands (all incredibly beautiful and highly recommendable tourist destinations, whether you choose the Canary Islands or the Balearic Islands). If you decide to opt for Tenerife in the Canary Island, you should definitely check out this great selection of Holiday Apartments in Tenerife. Why Tenerife? Because it is the main island and, if you book enough time to end up knowing it by heart, you can always travel by boat to the other six and discover their hidden secrets. Why an apartment? Because there are a wide variety of options, affordable for all types of budgets, and you will also enjoy the freedom a hotel may not be able to give you.

So, once the accommodation has been sorted, what’s left for you to live your holidays to the fullest? Here are some tips that can apply to any destination:

  • Visit, visit and visit. If you have chosen a place next to the sea, you might be tempted to spend all day sunbathing and swimming. Although it is great to do for a couple of days, maybe a full week or fortnight would be too much, wouldn’t it?

  • Don’t go just to the typical tourist sites. Some places are so touristic that whole areas are devoted to present the “expected” – which is usually stuff that doesn’t actually speak for all that is to be offered and discovered wherever you travel. In short, don’t miss the opportunity to talk to and mingle with the locals and thus unravel the best-kept secrets of your chosen destination.

  • Try to visit other nearby places. Sometimes we are so focused on painstakingly knowing our holiday destination that we forget to go to nearby locations. As we mentioned before, if you want to travel to Tenerife, we suggest you to devote at least a day to the other islands. That way, you will indeed squeeze the most out of your holidays and return home with a full picture of your destination as a whole.

In a few words: plan your holiday well ahead, find the “not so typical stuff” and enjoy the freedom given by an apartment while doing so.

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