Why Stainless Steel Cabinets are the Best Choice for Your Outdoor Kitchen

As the weather starts to cool, we all know the season is about to change too. Football is coming. And what’s more fun on a Sunday during NFL season then lighting up that fancy grill and cooking up your favorite Game Day food?

But why stop at just a grill? Create yourself an outdoor kitchen the includes grilling smoking, and game day dining amenities to your heart’s content. Add in a refrigerator for some cold brews or soda, and include stainless steel outdoor cabinets to keep your favorite spice rub plus some condiments and chips too.

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So why stainless steel? Won’t just a regular cabinet work, or maybe even a shelf? Discover more about these durable outdoor cabinets and why they are the missing piece in your outdoor game day kitchen.

Cabinet Construction

Traditional kitchen cabinets are often referred to in terms of birch, cherry, or maple, but those descriptions only apply to the wood that you can see after installation. Most kitchen cabinets are constructed from plywood and particle board. Plywood is stronger and more expensive, consisting of layered wood sheets glued together. Particle board is essentially sawdust and glue, providing a less expensive option and a great way to repurpose scrap wood. While these materials keep interior cabinets affordable, they both possess a major weakness — glue-based wood products can’t handle moisture.

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Basically, if you place a wooden cabinet where it can rain, it will disintegrate as the glue dissolves.

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Stainless steel cabinets can be created in the same shapes and sizes as traditional wood cabinetry, but it can also handle the outdoor elements. Stainless steel won’t deteriorate when it gets wet, in fact, it won’t even rust. Thick walls and doors resist warping or bending, and strong welds hold everything together. Buyers can choose from at traditional shiny look, or add a powder coat or paint to match your team colors. After all, your grill is likely made from stainless steel, so why not keep the theme running with your cabinets too?

Photo by Shuler Architecture

Choosing stainless steel is key, but here are some additional tips to create your perfect outdoor kitchen.

Not all Stainless Steel is Equal.

Just because a cabinet is a metal does not mean it is stainless steel. Quality stainless steel will be represented as 304 stainless. It should be rigid, not bendy and welded corners will provide the best strength and durability. Don’t let the finish fool you, as some shiny metal may be chrome coated from a softer metal, and many stainless steel builds can be powder coated to match your design theme.

Photo by AKL Designer Kitchens

Waterproofing is key.

You don’t have to live in a rainy climate to need waterproof outdoor kitchen equipment. Even occasional rains can quickly ruin untreated wood, as well as damage from sun, heat, wind, and cold. While stainless steel won’t rust or warp, you may still want to invest in grill or kitchen covers to help keep your kitchen clean and protect against dirt and dust.

Photo by EBHCI

You can’t put your refrigerator next to the grill.

It might sound simple, but this step is often overlooked in outdoor kitchens. Your grill gives off heat in a different manner than your kitchen stove. If you put your refrigerator underneath or next to the grill it will have to work extra hard to keep things cool, shortening the life and effectiveness of your appliance. Even worse, you might actually melt it.

Photo by Nina Dee Interiors

Your indoor kitchen can’t meet all your outdoor needs.

Anyone who’s ever tried to open a sliding door with a platter full of steaks in one hand and a spatula in the other knows that your indoor cooking items are never in the right place. It’s common to accidentally burn a meal or forget a vital ingredient by going back and forth between the patio and the house, so why take the risk? Exterior cabinets can store all your grilling needs close at hand, reducing your worries about mess, mistakes, and more.

Photo by Cayton Design Studio

Don’t wait until kickoff to fire up that grill and get cooking! Start planning your outdoor kitchen now including appliances and cabinets too.

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