Stay at a Luxury Boutique Hotel while in South Beach

Did you have your sights set on a trendy and quirky for your next vacation spot? It’s no wonder why you settled on South Beach. Not only will you bask in the sun on its incredible beaches but you’ll also have an opportunity to appreciate its historic Art Deco architecture as well as excellent oceanside dining.

If you’re looking for what activities you could participate in while there, consider tennis or bicycle rides while appreciating your surroundings. If you’re looking for a pastime that will allow you to contemplate and get away from the noise, fishing would be the ideal choice for you. Put a list of activities you wish to do on your travel itinerary.

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Speaking of the travel itinerary, have you booked your hotel yet? There’s nothing more frustrating than starting your vacation stressed because you didn’t make the time to analyse your accommodation choices and adjusted them to your needs.

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Luxury boutique hotels on South Beach are gaining more and more popularity as the vacationer’s preferred choice as a home away from home with an added touch of luxury though. Read through the characteristics of a luxury boutique hotel and not only will you see why but you will book your room immediately and start your vacation with a bang.


Boutique hotels are typically small in size, providing an intimate ambiance and customer service that ooze a feeling of staying in a private home as opposed to that of being in one of 500 similar rooms.

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Not only will you receive personalized service, you will also have an opportunity to interact with other guests and maybe create long lasting bonds. The guests who are lured to stay at this type of hotel usually reflect all its characteristics. They themselves are just as quirky and eccentric.


Luxury boutique hotels steer clear of monotonous, industrial designs of their rooms. Additionally, you’ll never see the same decorations in all the rooms they have. Personalization is the key characteristic these hotels take pride in and that is reflected on the decor of each room.

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One thing that all rooms share is that they’re always upscale, chic and elegant. Careful thought is put into the design of the rooms in order to achieve a contemporary yet homey feeling. It doesn’t stop with the decor. Each room is equipped with first class linens and all the top notch amenities.

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The Feel

Because luxury boutique hotels strive towards everything being personalized and unique, it gives them a fun and friendly feel. This feel is also apparent through the services they offer which vary from hotel to hotel.

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High quality service is the biggest part of the raising popularity of these types of hotels. The staff makes it their priority to get to know each and every guest that walks through their doors. You’ll surely feel like a VIP with that sort of service.

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The Food

It would be senseless to think that, with so much thought that goes into every aspect of the service a luxury hotel offers, it wouldn’t be the same when it comes to the food they serve. You can be positive that their restaurants and bars are just as innovative and hip as the rest of the services they provide.

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Authentic cuisine and interesting cocktails will make for a memorable atmosphere, especially for those who plan on surprising their significant other by, let’s say, popping the question.

The Choice is Clear

Are you passionate about creative design and looking for luxurious service during the vacation you worked so hard for? Look no further. Find a luxury boutique hotel on South Beach that will match your style and you’ll set yourself for a incredible experience.

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