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Strawberries, Trekking and Pristine Landscapes of Beautiful Mahabaleshwar

The best weekend getaway from Mumbai, the hill station of Mahabaleshwar is one of the most pristine spots in Maharashtra. It is now a major tourist spot which can be easily approached via a Mumbai to Mahabaleshwar taxi. This article discusses about all that Mahabaleshwar is about.

Mahabaleshwar is not only the largest hill station in mumbai but also the most important. It is the quintessential elixir the people require to take from time to time to get away from the polluted air, never ending traffic and the hectic fast paced city life. It is easily approachable from Mumbai by a Mumbai to Mahabaleshwar taxi you can easily acquire from the city. Mahabaleshwar was primarily a jungle with thick woodlands and strawberry farms where no one visited. But that slowly changed when people began to realise the potential if the hill station and started moving there and setting up shops and today is one of the biggest tourist attractions to Maharashtra.

Mahabaleshwar enjoys a favourably pleasant whole throughout the year. The summers do not see temperatures soaring  up higher than 30 degree celsius and winter not below 10 degree celsius, which makes the place even more likable. Taxis and rickshaws are available for sightseeing purposes and getting around the city however it is best you hire a bicycle instead and walk it wherever and whenever you can so you can take your time and exploring the hillstation thoroughly.

Shopping and eating out is fun in this hill station. There are numerous shops set up in this small hill station. Cuisine varies from the local Maharashtrian dishes to Chinese and continental. Make use of the opportunity and eat the fresh berries every chance you get. From milkshakes, ice-cream to even juices, the fresh produce of various berries like gooseberries and raspberries but primarily strawberries, you will never get fresher than what you get here anywhere in the country. You can shop for souvenirs or even clothes and household items in the shops around Mahabaleshwar.  Leather good are commonly found in the market. You can buy consumables like Chikki, the hard candy or buy concentrated juices and jams of the berries found in the land since as much as it tempts you, they are high chances the fresh berries won’t last by the time you reach home.

One of the best time to visit the hill station is during the Ganesh Chaturthi, the festival of Lord Ganesha. This festival is celebrated in great pomp and grandeur. It is the most anticipated festival of the year. One interesting feature of this festival is the sweet dish made during this festival called Modak. Modak is basically a sweet dish made of rice flour or wheat flour and graced with a yummy filling of jaggery, dry fruits and various condiments which leave a burst of flavour in the mouth at the very first bite.

Places to stay are in plenty in this hill station. Being located in close vicinity to the commercial capital of India, it draws a huge crowd of people into the hill station all throughout the year. It can be directly approached from Mumbai and reached in under 5 hours of travelling since the Mumbai to Mahabaleshwar distance is just 250 km.

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