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A Strong Link between Traveling and Essay Writing

Do you enjoy traveling? Are you also a writer? These two things (travel and writing) are strongly related to each other. Traveling can inspire to write. If you are a writer, travel can add inspiration. With a tour you can see many new things, especially if you travel far to the corners of the world. Many great writers created their phenomenal works after they traveled to stunning areas. If you want to be one of them, writing while traveling can be a great option for you!

Essay is a paper that discusses a real phenomenon accompanied by the author’s opinion or idea. Essays are actually written for the purpose of presenting the author’s ideas so that each reader can agree on what is being said. In other words, essays are created to influence the reader, that’s it! This paper is often used to convey messages from the mass media to the public. As an “ancient paper”, essays are still needed today and their role will not be replaced because humans always have opinions.

As mentioned earlier, essays are written with the theme of a real phenomenon. New phenomena are always happening every day around the world and as a writer; you just have to find one! By traveling, you will find many phenomena that you have never met before. For example when you travel in Lake Toba, Indonesia. You will find a unique phenomenon that you may not yet know.

However, writing essays is not as easy as imagined. You can’t (if you’re not used to writing) simply find a theme and then write an essay smoothly. Sometimes you are chased by time to collect your essay while you still have to do other academic tasks. In this case you need the services of writing quality essays. I myself have experienced such a thing. I was confused of finding the one who can write my essay.

Here you have learned that there is a strong connection between the essay and the tourist experience. With tours you can find interesting themes for your next essay. This is useful also if you are a student who is required to create an essay on social phenomena somewhere. As we have seen, the essay is a type of paper that is a requirement of graduation on some campuses. Essays have an important position in the world of modern education because this paper can describe the progress of one’s learning activities. With an essay one can expose his ideas according to the science he or she has learned.

After all, you have to be really serious about your essay. You need to understand the universal structure of the essay but do not limit your creativity. If you have trouble you can ask for help from your friends or better, from a truly professional third party. Creativity and rationality can’t be separated in an essay. By combining the two in a single entity then you have a solid foundation in writing quality essays.

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