Sunny Beach – Destination That Offers Summer Joy

Summer, sea, sun, nightlife and entertainment. It is summer pattern of every young person who wants to feel the pulse of the tourist centers in the environment. Summer has always been the most interesting season. Then the things that are hapening are very valuable to remember, each of us has a cheerful spirit and carefree days. Are you went somewhere on vacation? If you have not gone or have not decided where to spend a beautiful summer moments we can help. You can visit the place Sunny Beach in Bulgaria.

When you see the sunset, when heated red ball slowly drowning in rough seas, you will wish that moment to last and last … Sunny Beach is definitely one of the summer destinations you can select for holiday.

The largest and most famous resort in Bulgaria, Sunny Beach is located on the southern Black Sea coast, about 35 km from Bourgas and 90 km from Varna. This place, which is the most adore by the young people has more than 800 hotels, 130 restaurants, countless pubs and clubs with live music and crowded streets with people who have fun until the early morning hours. Transition and pluralism, together with the penetration of the market economy and the capitalist system of development, contributed Sunny Beach coast to dynamically build and substantially change its own character. Many star hotels literally make up the gap between the sea and the mainland.

Now, Sunny Beach spreads with full speed and becomes an attractive tourist place that meets the huge number of tourists from all over Europe. The beach is 8 km long and it offered a variety of activities such as scuba diving, surfing and horse riding. Now this resort has 2,000 permanent residents. To have complete holiday there is the old town of Nessebar, which together with the remains of the Byzantine era and authentic architecture, is a true outdoor museum. The connection of the old architecture with futuristic hotels makes Nessebar and Sunny Beach destinations for everyone.

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