Surthsey – A Place That Cannot Be Visit By People

Did you know that there are places in the world which are prohibited to visit? Because of scientific experiments, you cannot visit the island of Surthsey. Therefore we will take you there through words and images. Listen to the story and enjoy.

The first visitors to the island were two French reporters. Between the two eruptions, these two reporters bravely stepped on the island and set the French flag.

A fishing boat early in the morning of November 14, 1963, drifting in the Atlantic Ocean, 40 km south from Iceland, discovered volcanic eruption. Geologists have determined that the sea in that place must be deeper than 130 m. During the first day, there could be observed only dense clouds of steam and smoke. The second day appeared the whole island with a range of 500 m and a height of 10 m above the water level. The island very quickly was increasing. The third day they noticed clouds of smoke over the island which were about 10 m high – and all this could be observed in 110 km distance. The island Surthsey has received great attention from scientists from different countries, as an example of island creation and start a new life.

Since then, it is named after the mythological character Surtr- the leader of the fire giants used for scientific purposes only and prohibited for tourists. Volcano erupted three times in the first four months of the year. In April 1964, is occurred an eruption of ash and rocks. After a short break the volcano again began throwing white and red frying lava. During one year, into the water are permeated more than one billion cubic meters of lava. In April 1965, the island of Surthsey reached a range of 3 km and 14 m high steep coast.

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