Survival Tips for Students Moving to NYC

New York City is the East coast hub of endless potential where people go to pursue lofty goals, make it big, and achieve their visions. The city has everything to offer and is host to eleven different colleges and universities. If you are a student moving to NYC, the mere thought may evoke any spectrum of excitement to anxiety. If you’re asking yourself, how will I make this move work? Let’s get started with the basics to set yourself up for success.

Find a Place to Live

First things first, you will need to find a place to live if you are not living in student housing, think dorm room or shared suite. An apartment is your best option. NYC is notorious for soaring rent costs, and living solo means you’ll need to possess a fat wallet, but this doesn’t mean you can’t find something in your budget. A general rule of thumb as a student: live with roommates; the rent will make life so much easier. Just make sure you like the people you live with. Choose a place in the general vicinity of where you are studying or look on the outskirts of the city. Brooklyn tends to be a little less expensive than Manhattan. Be warned that “quaint” or “cozy” translates to a tiny apartment.

Set a Budget

Set a budget for your expenses. Living in the city is very different from living anywhere else. Along with rent, bills, and education costs, you will also want to calculate the cost of public transportation, food, and entertainment, but at a slightly higher national average. You may need to budget in additional things like laundry or other weekly tasks. The convenience of availability is a lure of the big apple, like Thai tea after midnight or sushi at 3 am. Set your budget and stick to it, or budget in a little extra wiggle room so that you will always have a bank balance that makes you exhale in relief.

Use Food Delivery Services

Life as a student is busy enough, and then there are tasks to complete, a social life to be had, and cooking to be done. Make life a little easier by using a food delivery NYC service to have delicious and nutritious meals delivered to your door. Key in a quick web search using the phrase “food delivery new york city” and find an option that fits you. Some services even have a rewards program that makes your next meal free or discounted. Be adventurous; the big apple is a playground of incredible restaurants.

Use Public Transportation

The best way to get around the city is by using public transportation. Unless necessary, avoid bringing your car. It is almost guaranteed that you will pay for parking at your own apartment building. The subway system is a convenient way to get around. It might take a bit of time to get the hang of it, so grab a subway map and purchase a weekly or monthly MetroCard. Keep in mind that going up and down the city is easy, while going east and west requires more subway changes. This is an excellent thing to keep in mind when finding housing as well. Buses are another great option. If budget is important, do choose taxis in a pinch and driving apps like Lyft and Uber.

Participate in Social Life

A good work/play balance is essential. Make the most of your social life, from academic hangouts to casual picnics and nights exploring the city’s social spots. Student life often means meeting many people, perfect for growing a circle of friends. You can also check out meetups around specific interests like yoga, jogging, painting, or language exchanges. NYC tends to be fast-paced, with a brisk go-go-go attitude; this extends to the people living there. Your week will rush by quicker than you can fit in with your social events. Go ahead and schedule that dinner with new friends in advance.

Create a Schedule

The life of a student means classes, assignments, and sometimes a full-time or part-time job. Create a schedule, this will offer greater peace of mind. Without a schedule, the sheer number of obligations and personal wishes may feel challenging to accomplish. Once you know your schedule, go ahead and write it down. A weekly schedule on a spreadsheet or poster board can be a great way to be sure to complete assignments and have time left over for the fun things. Remember, though, if you did not stick to your schedule that’s okay, maybe it needs a revamp, or maybe you need a little more free time.

Schedule Zen Time

Schedule zen time. The fast pace of the city can be exhilarating for some and exhausting for others. The sounds, scents, and sights are constant. Finding a way to recharge is helpful. This might mean sitting quietly with meditation or relaxing music in your apartment. A great spot to find your zen is Central Park, situated in the center of the city. It is 2.5 miles long and half a mile wide, with paved trails and giant lawns where people gather to soak in the sun. It’s a great spot to walk in thought, jog it out, or view the oasis of plant life in this concrete jungle. Check out the Harlem Meer, a body of water with ducks and a walking path if you love water. Central Park is safer than it once was. A word of wisdom: do avoid Central Park at night. It is pretty safe by day and full of tourists but known for crime at night.

Let Your Education Come First

Live fully and have fun, but do not party your way through your education. Knowledge is power; give yourself the gift of follow-through. The big apple is stacked with bars, clubs, and everything that glitters and shines a good time. Check out what the city has to offer, but let your education come first. Apartment parties are a popular social event. When your friend invites you to their digs for a Saturday night jam, go and enjoy it but put school first, your life will be easier for prioritizing responsibility.

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