Sweethaven Village is a Home of the Famous Character – Popeye, the Sailor

Each of us wants to leave a few days to a quiet and clean place, where you can dedicate yourself to the natural environment around you, enjoying the smell of the flowers, breathing clean air and forget the stress. If you truly want to relax the soul and body, rural tourism is the right thing. There is a village which will take you back to childhood days when watching a cartoon was the only thing that we take care – Popeye Village.

The village completely built for the film is now a real tourist attraction. The character of Popeye was invented in 1929, but its popularity has not diminished. Almost every one of us when was younger ate spinach just to be equally strong as the famous character.

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In Malta there is certainly a place that you do not expect that someday you will see in the real version – Popeye Village. That village, also known as Sweethaven Village, is a group of rustic and wooden buildings situated at Anchor Bay in the north-west corner of the Mediterranean island of Malta. This destination from the days in 1980 when was representing a film set for the production of “Popeye”, until today, has grown into one of the major tourist attractions in Malta. Thematic village on the popular cartoon hero was been used by productions “Paramaunt pictures” and “Volt Dizni”, in the 1980s.

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Thanks to the variety and countless fun activities offered by this small place, it is impossible not to be amazed at the first sight with its idyllic. The village abounds with 19 rustic wooden cottages. In the village you may enjoy crazy roller coaster ride, to visit playgrounds, puppet theaters and cinemas. The village also has mini golf and free wine for adults. The place was built in 1979, by 165 workers for seven months. There are 19 real wooden cabins made of wood from Canada and the Netherlands, because Malta has no forest. Another interesting fact is that for its construction were used eight tons of nails and 7570 liters of paint, in order to look like as cartoon from the 20s of last century.

Image from www.ploync.de via Flicrk

Image from www.ploync.de via Flicrk

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