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Sydney’s Best Dining Experiences With a Fantastic View

If you’re searching for a fine dining experience with a breathtaking view, Sydney is the perfect city to visit. As it’s abundant in natural beauties, people have come up with ways to bring themselves closer to these stunning wonders of nature by enjoying a magnificent view in many settings, over a glass of bubbly and fine dining. So, in Sydney you can dine over the amazing ocean view either from a coast or the ocean itself, from an air balloon, overlooking the famous Opera House and Harbour Bridge, on farms or surrounded by a forest, rocks, or on a beach. All of these have a common feature – they are all unique experiences you are sure to enjoy and make a mental picture of. Take a look at some of the many things couples can do in Sydney.

Enjoying fine dining and the famous landmarks

When speaking about things you must do when in Sydney, visiting Australia’s most popular landmarks is definitely a good start. This is usually what most tourists do first when they decide to visit the sunny continent. There are plenty of restaurants located in the Quay, overlooking stunning cityscapes, including the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. It is a pretty modern venue comprising many exclusive and high-end restaurants and cafes offering both professional service and diverse food on menus. Some of the restaurants are located so close to the water that you can feel it. You can enjoy all kinds of cuisines here, including traditional Aussie food, while absorbing the beautiful environment around you.

What do you think about eating on top of a high cliff?

And if you decide that you would like to try something located in a more natural setting, head up north of Sydney to the Whale Beach. On top of the high cliffs that stand on the Whale Beach is a restaurant that offers quite a modern menu. You can enjoy plenty of specialties there. The setting of the restaurant as well as the view and the presentation of food on the plate is amazing – you sometimes don’t know where to look as everything is stunning. The wall facing the Pacific Ocean is all glass, floor to ceiling, which enables you to grasp the beauty of the entire place. You can also opt for dining on the balcony, absorbing vitamin D and feeling the light ocean breeze on your skin. Imagine being here at a sunset – there’s hardly anything more romantic than that.

Sardaka, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

A spectacular cruise dining experience

One of the things you shouldn’t miss out on is a spectacular cruising and dining experience. If you book a Sydney harbour dinner cruise you will have 4.5 hours to enjoy a stunning view with an appetizing meal. Touring the Sydney Harbour on a luxurious cruiser is sure to engage all your senses. This cruising experience includes appetizers as well as different kinds of beverages. As the cruise starts, you will see many of the famous Australian landmarks as well as hear some information about the past and the modern-day period. The ride takes you to a harbourside restaurant where you dine. After dinner, you can enjoy Sydney at night, straight from the boat. And of course, the meal is finished off by a tasty dessert onboard. It is simply an experience you mustn’t skip when in Sydney!

Enjoy a meal from a bird’s eye perspective

A serene air-balloon ride is perfect for a couple looking for some romance. These rides usually offer a delicious breakfast and a glass of wine or champagne. There are plenty of places where you can enjoy this ride in the whole of Australia, including Sydney. For example, over the city of Sydney, you can gasp at the remarkable cityscape scenery from high in the air. If you want to try something different, new and exciting – then this is the right choice for you. And even better, if you’re travelling with a partner. It is a memory to remember forever.

For animal lovers – have breakfast with koalas

If you adore animals, then this might be a perfect opportunity for you to enjoy a meal surrounded by animals. The most famous Australian animals – koalas can be found in many zoos and nature reserves. Some of these places offer unique experiences where you can enjoy a meal while cute fuzzy koalas surround you. You’ll have the feeling like you’re in the middle of the wilderness!

Enjoy a delicious bay dinner

You can arrive at this magnificent gently curving bay in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs either by a ferry or by a seaplane. Never flew by a seaplane? Now might be the perfect time to try it! The superb restaurant located here offers high-end food, served by friendly and polite staff. Besides the outstanding food, you’ll enjoy the serenity and tranquility of water as well as some indescribable views.

Sydney is a city that has a lot of offers, and you simply can’t see and try them all in a short time. But this is a place to start. If the road takes you to this city of numerous possibilities, make sure to try at least some of the dining experiences listed above – you won’t regret it.

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