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Meet Colorful Rizzi – The Happiest House in The World

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Palace of Versailles is The Biggest French Pride

Some places can really take your breath away. But time, climate changes and historical events could destroy them and that… Read More

Burj Al Arab – The Only Hotel With “Seven Stars”

What you need to feel comfortable in a hotel? Service, food, accommodation, additional services like spa centers? In case you… Read More

Visit the Amazing Cathedral Las Lajas in Colombia

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30 St Mary Axe aka London Gherkin – a Modern Skyscraper or Advantage in the 21st Century

People always will be marveled exclusively of old buildings and works of art. Those masterpieces are still interesting, but as… Read More

Incredible photos of Crazy House, Vietnam

Hằng Nga guesthouse  popularly known as the “Crazy House” , is an unconventional building designed and constructed by Vietnamese woman… Read More

40 Bizarre and Incredible Building Design – Part 2

Around the world, you can see buildings of all shapes and sizes but only very few have a look that… Read More

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