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7 Ancient Ruins Around the World, Reconstructed

Ancient ruins have a very special kind of beauty: each ruin tells an elliptical tale of a civilization of the… Read More

Borbodur – The Largest Temple in The World Built in Honor of The Buddha

In order to mark certain events, to preserve and maintain the religion or to honor a person, people often build… Read More

Bagan: Amazing Trip to Remember

The city is located on a dry plateau along the west bank of the Irrawaddy River, 145 km south-west of… Read More

Karnak, Awesome Historic Complex in Egypt

Karnak is a historic complex located in Egypt that houses ancient ruined temples. These beautiful temples dating from the time… Read More

Explore El Molino Dinosaurs tracks in Cal Orcko in Bolivia

Cal Orcko is a paleontological site in Bolivia. The name means "Hill of Cal". This site was found in the… Read More

Peek into History Through the Ancient Ruins of Volubilis, Morocco

One of the most amazing places to visit in Morocco are the Roman ruins at Volubilis located near Meknes between… Read More

12 Ancient or Abandoned Places

We all know that our planet lived thousands of years ago. Our ancestors knew how to build structures that we… Read More

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