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10 Beautiful Places In New Zealand

Are you thinking of planning your next vacation? Want to go somewhere a little bit different, that has tons of… Read More

The Most Colorful Stairs The World

Walking up or down stairs is often difficult, hard and tiring, but some street artists trying to make it interesting… Read More

Possibility of Disappearance – Amazing Places That Must Be Visited by 2050 – part 2

8. Wat Angkor, Cambodia Angkor Wat was first built in the 1100 as a Hindu temple, before becoming a Buddhist.… Read More

Possibility of Disappearance – Amazing Places That Must Be Visited by 2050 – part 1

The earth is a luxury, dynamic and infinitely amazing places. From the frozen floes, to the rain forest and everything… Read More

What manners should be kept at home of friends from distant countries?

When we find ourselves abroad or an unknown territory, do not always know how to behave in order not to… Read More

Niihau Island – Place Where Time Stops

Unreachable somehow always is the most attractive. We have similar situation with some interesting and beautiful places which are forbidden… Read More

Tropical Islands in the Middle of the Cold Germany

When someone mentioned “beach”, we usually think of a tropical beach with pure white sand, a few palm trees and… Read More

„Hand of the Desert“ – Hand of Injustice, Sadness and Torture

Each country has its own national marks on which it is recognized. Sometimes it is amazing buildings, and sometimes wonders… Read More

Go to Tanzania to Feel the True African Spirit

Vacation time is precious. So forget the many tourist traps and go to the rest of the places that you… Read More

Patagonia – Unusual Destination Worth Visiting

Joy of the reservation of air tickets and packaging bags is only a small step to the excitement that overwhelms… Read More

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