places to see in Rome

The Top 3 Places Which You Must See This Summer in Rome

Summer season at its peak presents the perfect time to plan a vacation to Europe. Some call it a real… Read More

City of Rome And Its Magnificent Trevi Fountain

Capital of Italy offers variety of content for every taste. If you are fascinated by the historical monuments which dating… Read More

Traditional Summer Celebrations in Rome

The cultural experts at OMNIA Vatican and Rome are getting involved in the local festivities and celebrations happening in Rome… Read More

Rome: The City of Eternal Love

With Valentine’s Day (or “La Festa degli Innamorati”) just around the corner, where better to whisk your loved one to… Read More

Meet Rome Through 7 Awesome Pictures

Italy is one of the most visited places in Europe. The population is 60.92 million of people and the total… Read More

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