places you should visit in Spain

What Is Worth Seeing in Bilbao?

The city of Bilbao, located in the Basque Country, is not yet widely popular with tourists. Someone is scared by… Read More

Madrid or Barcelona: Which City Is Best For You?

There is nothing more challenging than being caught between two absolutely stunning cities to visit. And between Madrid and Barcelona?… Read More

The amazing student trip to Spain: what are the main tips to make it perfect?

You don’t really travel to Spain; you experience Spain. Among all trips for students abroad, Spain is definitely a country… Read More

Cadiz – Three Millenniums Old Beauty

Pack the bags and get the plane. Leave he ordinary life and take a journey of the most southerly, most… Read More

Ibiza – Island Where Parties Last From Dusk to Dawn

When it comes to holidays, many people point the perfect holiday trip to Ibiza. It should not be surprising, if… Read More

Most Magnificent Spanish Villages

Spain has a specific spirit that is best preserved in the villages where tourists rarely come. Therefore, if you ever… Read More

Tenerife – The Island of Eternal Spring

Little paradise on earth belongs to the group of the Canary Islands. Tenerife is a Spanish island located in the… Read More

Beautiful white village Olvera in Spain

Olvera is a wonderful little village situated in the heart of the mountains of Cadiz in Spain. The city itself… Read More

Look at the Blue Village in the Spanish Home of Smurfs!

Hundreds of years ago, the small houses in the village Juzkar, near Malaga in the Spanish province of Andalusia were… Read More

Top 10 Beaches in Spain for this Year

Spain is country located in western part of Europe. It is known for many things. Great cities, interesting architectures, amazing… Read More

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