Top 5 Holy Tours in India

India is home to many diverse spiritual movements that have established cherished life-leading philosophies like Dharma and Karma. These movements… Read More

Temple Towns near Hyderabad

Apart from the scenic landscape of the Deccan plateau, the state of Telangana is also known for being a sacred… Read More

Ise Grand Shrine – The Sacred Temple

In the world there are many places that have always fascinated people, which unfortunately is not possible to visit. There… Read More

Sri Harmandir Sahib – Golden Temple Treating All People At The Same Way

Temples around the world truly fascinate with their unusual architecture. That fact is no wonder considering that most designers have… Read More

Angkor Wat – The Largest Religious Temple Complex

Ancient buildings can fascinate you not only because of their unusualness and beauty. Magnificent temples and monuments hide incredible and… Read More

Kailasa Temple – Imperishable Structure made with Unknown Technology

Kailasa temple is not built as well as other buildings dating from that period. Instead of adding blocks, he is… Read More

Pantheon, Temple Built From Angels

Pantheon, the temple of all the gods, following almost 2,000 years after it was built, represent breathtaking structure with its… Read More

Beautiful White Buddhist Temple Wat Rong Khun is a Real Fantasy

Have you ever seen or have visited a place that is combination of Buddhism and surreal art? For those who… Read More

Bagan: Amazing Trip to Remember

The city is located on a dry plateau along the west bank of the Irrawaddy River, 145 km south-west of… Read More

Karnak, Awesome Historic Complex in Egypt

Karnak is a historic complex located in Egypt that houses ancient ruined temples. These beautiful temples dating from the time… Read More

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