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Duncan John MacDonald Explores 5 Unique Islands to Visit In 2020

For the avid traveler, exploring a new destination on the other side of the world serves as a constant source… Read More

Palmerston Island – Place Inhabited Only By The Descendants of One Man

Today we will introduce you to something really unusual. Get ready for an amazing island trip. The Cook Islands are… Read More

Meet 8 Not So Popular Islands in the World

Our plant is an interesting place where the famous things gets boring with the time. In this article is… Read More

Mauritius – a Heaven for Ultimate Relaxation

Mauritius is a island and a Republic in Indian Ocean about 2000 km west from Africa. The Republic of Mauritius… Read More

10 Most Romantic Islands Around The World!!!

According to the readers of the New York tourist magazine "Travel and leisure". Capri, Italy Bora Bora Santorini, Greece Kauai,… Read More

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