top places for summer vacation

8 of the Best Places in the World to Vacation This Summer

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Feel the Spirit of Fascinating City Tel Aviv

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Discover the Beauty of the Island of Madeira

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Visit Belize – the Unforgettable Place for Diving

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5 Peaceful Islands in the World where the Motor Vehicles are Banned

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Do You Want unusual summer? Just go to Rio de Janeiro!

Parallel film consists of landscapes and urban atmosphere, Rio de Janeiro is known as "The Cidade Maravilhosa" (enchanted city). Composed… Read More

Spend This Summer in Bulgari Resort in Bali

Bulgari Hotels are associated with luxury and expensive taste. Beautiful Bulgari Resort in Bali is proof of  it. Located on… Read More

7 Wonderful Panama Scenes

Panama is a country located in the Central America. It borders with Costa Rica to the west, Colombia to the… Read More

8 Top Destinations For This Season

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