Tasmania – An Island That Offers A Little Bit Of Everything

If you travel in Australia, it is unlikely that you will go even farther south. But, if you do not go to Antarctica, then you will end up in Tasmania, an island Federal Australian state with an area of 67.800 square kilometers. Tasmania is separated from the Australian continent and definitely is beautiful.

Extremely kind people, pleasant climate, excellent gastronomy, beer, wine, rich history and relaxed atmosphere make Tasmania a dreamer island. It offers the possibility of extremely high quality vacation.

State of Tasmania includes the Phillip Island and other surrounding smaller islands. From west to east the island country extends to 315 kilometers and from north to south at 286 kilometers and with its 334 islands often considers as the borderline of the Indian and Pacific oceans. The state has a population of about 500,000 inhabitants, from which more than half are located in the city and around Hobart.

There are more than 2000 kilometers of footpaths, thousands of mountain lakes, hundreds of exotic beaches and underground caves, more than 300 islands and many mountain peaks and rocks to the most ardent climbers have jobs for life. Nature lovers of rare flora and fauna, but also supporters of adventure in Tasmania will certainly come into their own. The island of Tasmania also is known for Tasmanian devil, very aggressive small animal.

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