Tech Tools for Interior Design

As an interior designer, your job is to help your clients see their space as you see it. This can make or break your entire project since it helps you build valuable trust with your clients. In this new world of technology, there are a lot of ways to integrate technology within your design process to help your clients better understand your vision for the space. This is easier than you think! Today’s software makes it easier than ever to reimagine spaces. With both two and three dimensional designs, integrated floor plans, and even photo to 3D renderings, there are so many options for impressing clients before the final project is done! Not sure where to get started? Keep reading for the best tech tools for interior design!


SketchUp was previously known as Google Sketch, and it has long been a favorite for a wide range of designers. With a lot of features like 3D and 2D drawings or plans, it’s easy to use than other architecture platforms. One of the best parts is the built-in collaborative features so you can easily share your creations with others. SketchUp has a free and a paid version, and it’s best to start with the free one until you know it’s the best fit for your needs!


Proper measurements are essential to interior designers. Without the right measurements, you can waste both a client’s money and time! With PhotoModeler, measuring spaces with a camera is as easy as a few clicks. All you do is take the right photos, import them into the program, and that’s it! You have perfect measurements in a 3D model. Having 3D models of an existing space makes it easier to work even when the space is not accessible. PhotoModeler has an impressive list of other features that can help you transform spaces with confidence!

Minutes Matter

While Minutes Matter only produces 2D design, it is by far the fastest option for quick sketches and plans for interior rooms. Minutes Matter is intended for residential design or remodeling of an existing space. It comes with customizable room templates and quick room templates with pre-existing options. Editing your creation on Minutes Matter is as easy as drag-and-drop! If you decide to choose Minutes Matter, you can choose between a flat-rate desktop version or subscribe for a monthly fee to an online version. Minutes Matter is a great choice for designers on the go who don’t have the time to commit to meticulous, in-depth designs but still want compelling 2D renderings.


If you’re convinced you need 3D capabilities, 3Dream is for you. It’s a web-based application which means you can use it from everywhere. There’s even a free version to try if you’re not sure this program is right for you. With 3Dream, you can create your own design or start with one of its many templates or image libraries. From there you can draw in 2D until you’re ready to convert the final design to a 3D rendering. With the Pro version of 3Dream, you can even generate a shopping list for your finished room design!

Design Spaces with Ease

Technology has made it easier to design spaces that meet your client’s dreams. Gone are the days of scribbled hand drawings and plans that aren’t easy to envision. When it comes to gaining your client’s trust, the programs above show you mean business. Helping clients understand your vision is the first step in getting them fully committed to your plan. In the future, there will only be more options for experiencing a project before it’s completed. While virtual reality isn’t far off in the future, these tech tools above help bridge the gaps between design and creation!

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