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Technological Adventures: Traveling with Your iPad

There is no better time to own a tablet than when we find ourselves on the go. Whether we’re traveling for business or pleasure, the world that we live in almost demands that we stay connected at all times using the amazing technology that we have available to us today.

It isn’t always practical or safe to haul around a laptop, so devices such as the iPad Air make it possible for information, entertainment, and services to remain easily accessible.

Less Fuss, More Fun

No matter how cutting edge your bulky laptop may be, it doesn’t travel as well as an iPad. In terms of mobility, a tablet is far more travel-friendly than any other computing device, and it has just as many features that make it worth taking on your trip. Rather than slinging a heavy carrying case over your shoulder and juggling power cords, you can slip a one-pound iPad Air into your purse or briefcase and be on your way.

This is especially useful for long plane trips. Instead of having to drag a computer down from overhead storage to watch a movie, you could pull out your iPad and watch your favorite film in high resolution. Plus, iPads double as e-readers if you’d rather catch up with your favorite literary characters to pass the flight.

Image by Jetstar Airways via Flickr

Walking in the Cloud

If you’re worried that taking an iPad along means leaving important data behind, don’t fret. We may store pictures, videos, and documents primarily on home computers, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t access them on tablets. Virtually anything can be stored in the cloud, making it easily accessible while traveling.

Image by ChrisDag via Flickr

Cloud storage has nearly become a necessity in the business world, and that includes traveling for work. You can’t carry your office computer with you everywhere you go, so having important files available no matter where you are is incredibly important. Presentations, spreadsheets, and proposals can all be stored in the cloud and accessed on the iPad without sacrificing formatting or the ability to edit.

Imagine meeting with a client in a restaurant and having to pull out your laptop at the table to go over important data. A tablet’s size makes it perfect for these kinds of situations, and you still have access to the same information.

Capture the Moment

Taking vacations means taking hundreds of photos so we can relive the fun later or share those precious memories with others. Because the newest iPads come with a five megapixel camera and  record video in 1080p, every moment that you capture can be viewed in stunning high definition. It’s like being there all over again.

Image by Jean-François Schmitz via Flickr

The iPhoto app is especially handy since it allows you to create photo journals of your trips to store in the cloud and share with friends. If you’re feeling homesick on your trip, you can use FaceTime to call home and see a loved one smile or share an amazing view with them.

Image by m01229 via Flickr

Apps for All Occasions

Thousands of companies are now coming to terms with the fact that consumers need their services on the go, in an instant, no matter where they are. That’s why most companies developed incredibly useful apps for their mobile customers, many revolving around ensuring a smooth traveling experience. While most apps are available on smartphones as well, a tablet’s larger display makes navigating screens easier and quicker.

Take Travelocity, for instance. Their app lets iPad users book flights, hotels, and car rentals while out and about, which is especially useful if you find yourself needing to make a last-minute booking. You could also use TripIt, an app that gathers up all of your travel-related confirmation emails and schedules to create a handy itinerary.

Image by Hugger Industries via Flickr

Even if you aren’t considering ditching your PC completely in favor of an iPad, there are still many scenarios when a tablet outshines a bulky laptop, especially when it comes to traveling. In terms of convenience, usefulness, and fun, the iPad is an unrivaled travel companion.

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