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The Ten Best Luxury Travel Gadgets

Can travel be a truly decadent experience? Really the answer depends on so many factors, from your mode of movement to your destination. But in general, these days there are so many accessories that can make getting from point A to point B something that can be enjoyed in its own right.

This year’s CES highlighted the latest and greatest travel gadgets for vacationers and business trippers. Much of what was featured was designed with the comfort and enjoyment of the traveler in mind.

Some of that gear is laid out below while other items in this top ten list are must-haves among seasoned travelers. What all ten have in common is that they are equally useful for world travelers and weekenders and definitely worth packing whether you’re flying halfway around the globe or trekking just a few hours away to a favorite B&B.

The Bluesmart Smart Suitcase

It’s ultra-strong, highly maneuverable, and carryon friendly, but that’s not what makes Bluesmart worth coveting. This smart suitcase can weigh itself, comes complete with two USB charging stations and has a super smart built-in tracker that alerts you via app if your luggage is headed somewhere you’re not supposed to go.

Bedphones Nighttime Earbuds

It’s common for travelers to have trouble falling asleep away from home – an issue these unique earbuds were designed to combat. Bedphones earbuds have a speaker that sits outside of your ear so you can snuggle into your hotel pillow while dozing off to the sound of white noise or your favorite podcasts. And when you’ve nodded off, the Bedphones app automatically shuts off your audio.

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Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge

Thanks to the fastest mobile processor out there and a best in class camera with 4k capture, this Samsung smartphone can be your go-to travel device. With it, you’re never without something to do. Take snapshots all day then binge watch your favorite shows all night, check your email on the road and game your way through cross country flights. This phone does it all!

The Egg

Eggcyte’s personal cloud device, the Egg, does more than just help you upload your photos to the cloud but if you have more snapshots than storage space it does that, too. More importantly, the Egg can connect to your phone from anywhere in the world so you can share up to 50,000 photos with your family and friends back home.

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Zagg’s Flex Arc Headset

Why carry headphones and a portable speaker when you can have both in one super compact package? Zagg’s versatile Flex Arc headset has retractable space-saving earbuds that are perfect for catching up with your favorite podcasts on the plane. When you arrive at your destination, swap modes and the Flex Arc’s built-in external speaker will get the party started.

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LithiumCard Hypercharger

A lot of portable chargers (like Aukey’s portable charger) seem more appropriate for adventurers sporting backpacks than for jet setters traveling with briefcases. Not so the Hypercharger, which gives a super-fast burst of juice while also being small enough to slip into your wallet.

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Samsung’s Sol Clutch

Carrying a portable charger just not your style? Samsung C&T’s Sol Bag is a stylish oversized clutch that hides a powerful secret in the form of integrated solar panels that charge your devices whenever you go for a stroll in the sunshine.

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EgeeTouch Smart Travel Padlock

Worried about your luggage when it’s out of sight? You don’t have to be when you’re using EgeeTouch’s travel padlock. There are no dials to trip, no codes to guess and no keys to pilfer. Instead, this padlock is opened with either a smartphone app or a special fob for no hassle peace of mind. Better still, some models have proximity tracking enabled so you’ll know immediately if someone tries to walk away with your suitcase.

By DIGIPAS USA LLC (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons


The best way to fight jet lag is with light therapy, but until now most of the supposedly portable light therapy devices have been anything but. Luminette eyewear gives you a rejuvenating dose of illumination to help reset your body’s internal clock with what looks and feels like nothing more than a pair of glasses.

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Satechi BT Button Series

Dorky selfie stick? No thanks. Satechi’s BT Selfie button (one of a series of remote controls for your smartphone) lets you get everyone you’re traveling with into your vacation snapshots – including you. Thanks to Bluetooth, you can snap a photo or twelve anytime, anywhere just by pushing a button.

Ultimately there’s travel tech for every kind of journey and every possible destination. Your personal top ten may look very different – perhaps it includes one of the latest real time translation devices or an ultra-light laptop for checking in with the office when you’re on the go. What it comes down to is this: the totally stress free excursion is a myth but with the right gadgets and gear you can get closer than ever before.

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