Ten of the Best Summerhouses

Summerhouses are increasingly becoming the must have item in any garden. Being the best way to get outdoors, embrace the sun and look at your garden from a whole different perspective. Whether you have no space, a lot of space or just enough space for a summerhouse, take a look at the best ones out there below.

1. Roman Garden Fortress

Once a passing comment made to his wife by the owner, this Roman Fortress was the dream summerhouse for owner Tony. Receiving what he describes as “the best Christmas present ever” he was given four fiber glass columns to work with and from there the dream became a reality. Taking the stereotypical idea of spending all your time in a basic summer house, Tony new that he wanted to look out at his garden and know that.

Photo by Chadsworth ColumnsSearch traditional exterior design ideas

2. All aboard the summerhouse craze.

An unusual take on the traditional summerhouse, this summer shed built on the back of a train means you can view every part of your garden from the comfort of your summer house. The only drawback being that you will have to install the rail track, buy the train and build on the summer house which may be costly. However, the all-around views, stylish way to explore your garden and get out door for the summer is sure to be a hit.

Image via www.readersheds.co.uk

3. Corner House

To truly make the most of your garden, this corner summerhouse is perfect for you. As the name suggests it simply fills a corner of your garden. Take away the idea that sheds must take up as much space as possible, these corner houses provide.

Photo by The Real Garden CompanyDiscover contemporary shed design inspiration

4. The Hemloft

This summer house found deep in the heart of Whistler, British Columbia, is called the Hemloft. That is simply because it is built around a Hemlock Tree. Embracing the summer sun through the beautiful tree line, this summer house encourages its inhabitants to appreciate as much nature as possible from the comfort of a beautiful tree house style summer house. If tree houses are your thing, check out this map that features the top 20 tree house hotels.

5. Paper Thin

Maybe not the most suitable for rain, snow, too much heat, any moisture or outdoor weather, but this summerhouse made entirely from corrugated paper is one of the best summer houses. Not only is it 100% recyclable, it can also be extended, squashed, easily moved and painted. Perfect for a semi-permanent event or enjoying your garden in small doses. Okay it might not be one of the best summerhouses but it is very unique and therefore needs some recognition.

6. Shed of the Year 2014

Making an exception to the “these are not sheds, these are summerhouses’ rule”, consideration must be given to the shed of the year 2014. The allotment roof shed embraces nature, provides its owner Joel Bird with a place to relax and also grow his vegetables taking into account the small amount of space he had available. Instead of having to choose between shed and allotment, Joel chose both.

Image via www.shedblog.co.uk

7. The House on a Rock

This house on a rock has stood in Serbia for over 45 years. Defying all the elements, rain, snow, sun, it has stood the test of time.

Photograph by Irene Becker for National Geographic

8. Play Pod

Perfect for the kids and anyone else that wants somewhere fun to enjoy in the garden is the Play Pod. It is as simple as that.

Image via www.readersheds.co.uk

9. Summerhouse Conservatory

With a chicken pen, an outdoor seating area, windows and wooden doors, this summerhouse is perfect at embracing the summer. Hiding this in your garden, you could spend hours just enjoying the summer sun and listening to your chickens cluck.

Image via www.readersheds.co.uk

10. Unique C’est Chic

At first glance you may think WOW! This summerhouse is more summer than house with its bright colours seeming slightly over powering. However, this is one of the best summerhouses because it is so bright, so bold and so easy to move. Powered by solar powers there are lights inside letting you enjoy your garden all throughout the summer no matter what time of day.

Image via tinygreencabins.com

If you are feeling adventurous but not quite this much, visit York Timber Products and take a look at their range of Summerhouses that can work with your garden.

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