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Ten European Spots That Will Take Your Breath Away – Part 1

Europe has thousands of spectacular places one can visit. We even consider that there are too many such places so a lifetime is not enough to enjoy them all. However, we recommend you the most outstanding ones that will definitely leave you breathless. Most of them are UNESCO World Heritage Sites, natural wonders with dramatic landscapes. Below you can see some of the the most attractive European Spots.

1. Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

The Cliff of Moher is located on the western coast of Ireland. Those cliffs are about 7km long and they rise up to 120 meter highness. The view of the Atlantic Ocean mixed with the heavy wind is what makes this landscape complete.

Image by Giuseppe Milo via Flickr

Image by mariejirousek  via Flickr

2. Svalbard, Norway

Ever heard about the most remote places in the world? Welcome to Svalbard, which is the most northernmost landmass on Earth still inhabited by people. Polar bears can be seen here very often as this place is popular for its wildlife. This archipelago is located very close to the Arctic Circle and it’s covered with glaciers. A real wonder!

Image by Allan Hopkins via Flickr

3. Swiss Alps, Switzerland

When a beautiful nature is in question, it’s Switzerland the first thing that comes up to our mind. Switzerland owns one of the world’s largest mountain ranges. The Swiss Alps occupy about 65% of the territory of Switzerland which makes this country one of the most alpine ones in Europe. It is believed that they are about 45 million years old and their peaks are one of the highest in the continent.

Image by Juan Rubiano via Flickr

4. Isle of Skye, Scotland

The Isle of Skye is Scotland’s second largest island with a supernatural valleys, mountain ranges and breathtaking coastlines. This island got the nickname ‘’Cloud Island” because of the moody climate.

Image by NOLA Focal via Flickr

5. Land’s End, England

If you are looking for peacefulness and a real beauty, the most westerly spot of mainland Cornwall is the place for you. The Cornish coastline is one of the most beautiful ones for its spectacular views, numerous coves and caves and the climate.

Image by Alejandro Roman Gonzalez via Flickr

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