Many people who see this title will frown and ask themselves, “Is it? Is it really that good for newlyweds?”. The truth is that this wonderful country situated in Indochina really does offer a wide array of incredible possibilities for everybody. Thailand can satisfy your needs on every level. If you are in for some youth fun or crazy parties, this country has a plenty of places for that purpose. For those who want to try most different food and drinks, there are many exotic restaurants and bars where they can comfort their cuisine needs. And, finally, Thailand is a country that boasts with hundreds of unique and enchanting places for people who have just got married and want to spend their honeymoon in an intimate and breath-taking place.

Sukhumvit Swerve

Why Thailand Is Perfect for Honeymooners

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Easily accessible

If you have just got married, you do not want to change your flights three or four times to get to the wanted desitination. Although there are certainly at least as beautiful and picturesque places in the world, Thailand has very good air connections with all continents and all important metropolises. In addition to that, Thailand itself also has a wide range of airports, which is of great importance for people coming from all sides of the globe. So, if you are fresh honeymooners, Thailand is easily accessible by plane and the price of the ticket is usually a bit lower than it is for some other more expensive but not better places for a honeymoon.

Koh Nanyang, Nanyang Island

Why Thailand Is Perfect for Honeymooners

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Divine coast

For a couple that has just made their vows to spend the rest of their lives together, Thailand is a perfect solution partly because of its nature of heavenly beauty. If you are more into secluded and peaceful places, you should rent a place in paradise and go to one of the great Thai islands villas to spend your honeymoon in harmony with the sea and the sun.


Why Thailand Is Perfect for Honeymooners

Image by Mike Behnken via Flickr

However, many people like to have everything under control and feel better when situated on the coast. If so, you can opt for one of numerous resorts on the coast. A great piece of advice is that you choose places that are near some of the best mainland beaches in Thailand.

Newlyweds, Tubkaak Beach, Krabi

Why Thailand Is Perfect for Honeymooners

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Inland attractions

Thailand is not only the sea and the coast. The inland of Thailand also displays fantastic cultural spots and must-see historical attractions. Of course that it goes without saying that Bangkok is something you should never miss. However, there are also other beautiful places, such as the Ayutthaya historical park or the Grand Palace in Bangkok. In addition to these two unique spots, there is a town called Chiang Mai, whose greatest tourist attraction is the famous Night Bazaar. Every new husband should take his wife for a shopping quest to this beautiful and special market of creative Asian souvenirs, food delicacies and many other features.

Colors of Buddha, Bangkok

Why Thailand Is Perfect for Honeymooners

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A honeymoon should be one of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences, just like the prom and the graduation. Although it is important to save money and stay reasonable, everybody should go to a honeymoon. Thailand is a great choice for people who are not really rich like the Carringtons, but can still afford a pleasant and romantic honeymoon. This country is a real tourist gem and it will enchant every newly wedded couple. Once you feel Thailand, it will make you come back again to this beautiful country.


Why Thailand Is Perfect for Honeymooners

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