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The Best Fire Pits Ideas to Glow Up Your Outdoor Living Space

Like many other décor options, a fire pit is a fantastic idea to beautify your outdoor living space. Thankfully, these easy to set up bonfire stands are not expensive.

Besides adding to the aesthetics of your outdoor, they can also be used for grilling. Yes, roasting marshmallows in an open space is better than your stovetop.

Now, you must be curious to know more details about fire pits. Let me share some best fire pit ideas with you today. So, here you go:

1. Solo Stove Bonfire

Price: $300

Even if you are allergic to smoke, you can still make your outdoor stand out with a fire pit. Yes, this Solo Stove Bonfire is created to reduce the smoke coming out of the flames. Consequently, there is less smoke, and the smell of smoke is negligible as well.

Apart from it, handling this bonfire is easier than ever. Designed to be lightweight, it is portable, so you can easily shift it to your campsite from the backyard. Furthermore, you will receive a stand in this kit. This stand will protect your space wherever you keep it.

2. 30” Endless Summer Fire Pit

Price: $265

This two-in-one fire pit is a perfect choice for glowing up your space at a bonfire party. You can turn it into a table too!

Especially if you get an eyesore problem with flames, this item is safe to use. It runs on propane, and you just need to press a button to make it work. The entire tank is perfectly covered with panels, so even children can play around.

3. Hampton Bay Piedmont Fire Pit

Price: $99

If you love outdoor cooking, you should give the Hampton Bay Fire Pit a try. It comes with a grilling option. So, you can enjoy freshly grilled bar-be-cue at an outdoor party will friends. It is sophisticated and has a beautiful style that is enough to add a contemporary feel to your outdoor area.

4. Kingso Fire Pit

Price: $50

This fire pit is proof that not all fire pits are break-the-bank expensive. Furthermore, it is a top seller on Amazon due to its affordability and quality. You can check out the positive reviews and order one for your home. Just like others, this one is also portable, and assembling it is easier.

5. Weathering Steel Pular Chiminea

Price: $448

This item is made with weathering steel and provides separate space for storing extra wood. No wonder it is expensive!

The body is heat-resistant, and the design is created in a tower-top style. Moreover, there is a rust finish, so the more you use it, the better it is.

6. Tiki Stainless Steel Fire Pit

Price: $350

If bonfire smell irritates you, try out the Tiki Stainless Steel Fire Pit. This creatively designed item controls the smell of smoke by reducing ash. Besides this, there is no need to gather woods as the fire kit features a bunch of high-quality woods.

You can easily light these woods in just five minutes. Sawdust, which is a by-product gathered during lumber manufacturing, is used in this kit. The manufacturer has utilized it in the best way. Otherwise, this by-product is commonly wasted.

7. Outland Deluxe Fire Bowl

Price: $122

This deluxe fire pit comes in a compact size and is portable. You can use it for both camping or dinner parties in the backyard. Thankfully, there is no smell, and you do not need to spend money on buying firewood.

The Outland Deluxe is constructed with durable steel, and the body comes in an enamel finish. Enhancing the ambiance of your outdoor events becomes easier when you have this complete fire kit at home.

8. YAHEETECH Outdoor Fire Pit

Price: $219

This perfectly durable fire pit is made with iron. The body also has a black finish that enhances the overall look. Furthermore, there is a metal lid on top. Thus, the debris doesn’t fly, and your space remains clean.

There is plenty of space to put a bunch of wood so that you can use it for a long. Be it dinner at the patio, a backyard tea party, or camping with friends, you can conveniently use this kit for a bonfire, grilling, and enhancing the aesthetics of your gatherings.

9. Sunnydaze Ring Fire Pit

Price: $199

Created from steel metal, this fire pit ring is suitable for all weather types. It has long-lasting paint on the outer body that makes it ideal for backyards as well as camping. The kit is easy to assemble but doesn’t come with a bottom. You can use bricks or any other thing for additional support. It also has a warranty of one year, so you use it with ease.

Tips for Using Fire Pits in Your Backyard

Though every fire pit has its distinctive features, never ignore the safety attributes. Make sure that the fire pit comes with a stand or a protective side border. Besides this, make sure that the hose is of high quality. Also, notice the length of the hose. If you are planning to buy a kit that can be used for both backyard and camping, buy the one that is officially approved for camping.

Additionally, obtain a gas safety certificate before using the fire pit. You just need to bear a yearly gas safety certificate cost, not a high price to pay for the safety of your family and guests.

Always purchase a fire pit that is safe, even if it is a little expensive.

The Best Fire Pits for Your Home

In short, the best fire pit comes in a complete kit that includes a stand, bets quality wood, supporting material, grilling options, and much more. If you are fond of outdoor cooking, buy the one that is ideal for grilling too.

Additionally, the fire pit should control the smoke smell and comes with a covering ring so that your guests won’t get irritated. Some of these best-quality fire pits include Solo Stove Bonfire, Hampton Bay Piedmont, Kingso Fire Pit, Tiki Steel Fire Pit, Outland Deluxe Bonfire, Sunnydaze Fire Ring, etc.

Remember to thoroughly read the description and focus on the quality rather than price when buying a fire pit. So, purchase any of the above-mentioned kits and delight your guests with an outstanding outdoor party.

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