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The Best Places to Visit in Hawaii in the Spring

The spring season is one of the best times of year for a Hawaiian vacation. Some places around the Hawaiian Islands are especially good to visit during the spring and can give you a deeper appreciation of the local history, culture and natural features. Here are some of the best places to visit in Hawaii in the spring.

Mauna Kea

This dormant volcano on Hawaii’s Big Island is especially good to visit during the early part of spring when snow can often still be seen on its slopes. If you have the right gear and determination, you can try climbing the mountain’s six-mile trail to reach its peak where new adventures await. When you make it to the top, you’ll be treated to the sights of snow-covered cinder cones that resemble smaller mountains.


Also situated on the Big Island, the town of Hilo is a great place to see the beautiful tropical plant life that comes to life even more in the spring. Hilo also hosts the Merrie Monarch Festival starting on Easter Sunday, and the event includes an exciting parade and other activities that celebrate Hawaii’s unique culture. Clear, picturesque views of Hilo Bay can also be seen throughout much of the season.


Hawaii’s capital city offers many great things for tourists in the spring. It’s often possible to find an excellent deal on a vacation condominium for rent if you book outside of Spring Break. At the beginning of May, Kapiolani Park in the Waikiki neighborhood hosts the cultural and musical festival known as Lei Day Celebration. Waikiki Artfest is a monthly event that’s especially enjoyable to attend in the spring. Springtime is also the time of year when the Honolulu Museum of Art usually unveils new exhibits.

The Nā Pali Coast State Park

This state park is known for its rugged landscape, and visiting here during the spring can save you from having to deal with storms or other extreme weather events that could endanger you. If you visit when it’s not Spring Break for schools, you’ll be able to explore the more than 6,000 acres of parkland without having to deal with as many crowds. The shoreline next to the park can also have more suitable water conditions for boating in the spring.

You can make your trip to Hawaii even more memorable by choosing to visit in the spring. This season will give you the chance to savor the best of all that Hawaii has to offer.

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