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The Best Wedding Photography Trends in 2022

For the past decade, the photography industry has undergone many changes that have taken it in new directions and forced it to develop new technologies and marketing tactics to stay competitive with other businesses in similar industries.

As we move into 2022, expect these trends to continue, affecting everything from how you market your Adelaide wedding photography business to capturing photos of your clients’ weddings to the technology you use to produce the images you share with them. Here are some essential trends to be aware of as they relate to wedding photography in Adelaide and what they mean for both Adelaide wedding photographers and their clients.

Editorial-Inspired Engagement Photos

Engagement photos have come a long way since those embarrassing old shots where couples awkwardly kiss or sit side-by-side on a log. Engagement sessions are all about presenting new perspectives on what it means to be engaged.

Most photographers will work with you and your partner to identify a few themes—things like plans, hopes for love, and new beginnings—and then create custom scenarios around each theme to ensure that you’re comfortable. Not only do these kinds of photos look beautiful, but they also make for great keepsakes down the road. They’re a perfect way to document how far you’ve come from your first day as an engaged couple!

Professional Photography for Every Wedding Event

Adelaide is a city full of beautiful romantic backdrops for wedding photos. From high-rise buildings to lush green parks, every picture is bound to be a hit! Rather than making guests have their pictures taken at just one or two locations during your wedding day, you should consider taking professional pictures at various locales during your engagement.

That way, you can capture all your moments together while they’re still fresh in your mind. To tie everything together perfectly and create cohesive pictures that tell an overall story, use an Adelaide wedding photographer who specializes in creating breathtaking images wherever they go.

Nighttime Portraits

Nighttime photography is a new trend. It could seem weird to shoot photos at night; however, plenty of stunning spots appear more stunning when you photograph the images at night. Wedding photography in Adelaide couples often seek photographers who can do nighttime photography because it’s something they’ve never seen before. It has an artistic flair that sets it apart from other photos. A bonus is that nighttime photos feel less formal and stiff than traditional ones, making them well-suited for an outdoor or venue location.

Highlighted Videos

When it comes to photography, one of the most important aspects is post-production. The best wedding photographers will use Photoshop and other tools to edit their photos and make them stand out. Recently, there has been a trend toward highlight videos as opposed to still photographs—more and more couples are opting for time-lapse videos that can be edited together with multiple stills and music.

These trends continue growing in popularity throughout the 2020s; it’s certainly not a fad or even a trend yet, but it might become one soon enough. Time will tell, but at least you know where to find good Adelaide wedding photography when it’s time for your big day! And naturally, another staple of high-quality photography today is unobtrusive videography.

In previous decades, cameras were bulky and intrusive during shoots, ruining many candid moments between family members and friends on camera; today’s technology has done much to remedy those problems.

Cameras like Google’s Jump makes it easy for guests to capture moments without disrupting anything—and these cameras come standard at all Adelaide weddings.

Adelaide Wedding Photography

Professional Wedding Photography in Adelaide offers the leading wedding photographer’s solution to finding professional wedding photographers throughout South Australia.

The most popular style of Adelaide Wedding Photography will be raw and natural images. Some photographers may use editing tools to enhance their photos, but they don’t overuse them. These photographers still capture everything that happened on their own without posing anything, so they can present what went down during a ceremony.

They focus on getting candid shots while being a part of every moment of an event. An Adelaide Wedding Photographer can get great shots even at night and in dark locations with low lighting conditions with modern techniques. This new trend will make your photos timeless as you won’t have awkward poses or forced expressions that you often see with posed pictures from other companies.

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