The “boot” Of The Italian Card – Beautiful Apulia

We will see the sun less and less, but it does mean you have to give up from just a few days of holiday. While the temperature begins to fall in some parts of the world, there are European destinations that are still rejoice in the early fall. That includes the perfect water temperature, fresh autumn wind and all at lower prices. So, visit the city of Apulia.

Beautiful Apulia represents the “boot” of the Italian card. It is situated in southern Italy and it is picturesque region. It is already autumn, but the sun still continues to wash the shores of Apulia. At the border of the Adriatic and Ionian Sea, the site offers pleasant temperatures even after hot summer months. Visit the historic wineries of Polignano a Mare, Lecce and Bari Vieste, or go down to some of the beaches. Vineyards and olive gardens contribute to the authentic Italian spirit. Tremiti Island is part of the Gargano National Park, so if you want enchanting nature and crystal water this is destination you should not bypass. Also go at least ones to party on the beach. Atlantis Beach is the most popular destination for parties with famous DJs from all over the world.

Orecchiette is typical pasta of Apulia area. This food is made on unique way with garlic, chili and broccoli, flour, water and years of experience. If you do not learn how to cook, obligatory taste them. The entire area is related with fishery, so if you love fresh fish and seafood, perfect olive oil, pasta by homemade recipe and wonderful wine, this is the real destination that will cost far less than holiday in any other popular area in Italy.

For the beauty of Italy was written countless times. Beautiful places, perfect food, blue sea …
However, what Italy stands out from the rest places of the world and it is the perfect blend of nature and architecture.

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