The Cities to Avoid if You Hate Hot and Sticky Weather

Hot and sticky: two words that nobody wants to hear when tuning in to the weather forecast before their holidays. But for some unlucky folks, those humid and muggy conditions are part of everyday life. So which cities struggle with humidity the most? And where should you avoid traveling if you’re not suited to damp air?

You can find out with the latest research from HouseFresh. Using data collected from, it created several maps highlighting the muggiest places on planet earth.

The most humid city in the world

If you hate muggy weather, then spare a thought for the poor folks living in Patna, India. India’s 19th largest city has a subtropical climate with scorching hot summers and heavy rainfall. This means locals struggle with miserable humidity levels all day and every day. The official daily humidity level in Patna is a lung-clogging 99.2%, making Patna the most humid city in the world.

The rest of Asia and Oceania

After Patna, Malangwa in Nepal has the highest levels of humidity across Asia; it’s a staggering 96.6%. And the soaring temperatures of 100 degrees can turn summer tourist treks into a real slog. Visitors are advised to wear loose, lightweight clothing. In these conditions, anything tight will quickly start to chafe.

Humid cities in North America

The long hot wet summers make San Pedro in Belize North America’s most humid city. Visitors can expect to struggle with high air moisture levels for 94.7% of their time in this (otherwise) idyllic paradise getaway.

South America

Thanks to its heavy rainfall and warm weather, everywhere in Colombia is muggy all year round. But some places are definitely a lot muggier than others. Tourists with breathing issues or a dislike of humid conditions should avoid Barrancabermeja. As South America’s most humid city,  Barrancabermeja has humidity for 94.1% of the day. The air quality isn’t helped by the large oil refineries located around the city.

Humidity in Europe

Iceland is where you’ll find Europe’s most humid city. Höfn, which means harbor, is a fishing port town in the southeast of the country. The weather is cold, cloudy, windy, and, of course, very humid (99.1% of the day to be exact.)

But this isn’t your average type of mugginess. Höfn’s unique geographical position creates a ‘dry humidity.’ Exposure to dry humidity can lead to dry skin, irritated sinuses and throat, and itchy eyes.

The Middle East & Central Asia

With its white sands, clear blue sea, and endless sunshine, the Maldives is the definition of a dream tourist destination. But because of its heavy monsoon season,  it’s also the muggiest location in the Middle East and Central Asia. Book your paradise holiday trip for the dry season (Dec/April) to avoid humidity levels of 96.6%.


The coastal town of Jacqueville in the Ivory Coast is the most humid place on the African continent. On extremely muggy days, locals have to cope with oppressive humidity levels of over 95%.

Holidaymakers looking to explore Africa while breathing easy should stick to North African countries like Algeria and Tunisia. The sprawling deserts mean the humidity rarely gets above 45%.

Hate humidity? Then make sure you take a look at these maps before booking your next flight.

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