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The Dos and Don’ts of Planning Your Trip to New York

If you are planning your next trip to New York, be prepared to see the world’s fastest city working day and night efficiently and becoming one of the busiest cities in the world. New York has a lot of potentials, opportunities, facilities, tourist attractions, which lulls thousands of tourists every month. But one thing that tourists don’t know is that the city runs on its people and their prescribed etiquettes that are expected from tourists as well. So you need to know what are the things that you should and what are the things that you cannot afford to do in New York City. There is a high probability that you have contacted the best travel agent in NYC, and you are going to learn more about the do’s and don’ts from your travel agent, but to be on the safe side, you are being provide with a list of do’s and don’ts of planning your trip to New York City.


Be Polite Irrespective of Impolite Answers

The moment you step into the city, you will feel the restlessness of the city and the pace at which the city runs. So you must bear it in mind that whenever you are asking questions to New Yorkers, you will either get no reply or inadequate responses. It would help if you remembered your politeness amid all the chaos. If you are someone who wants to miss out on the fast pace of New York City on a Monday morning, reach your destinations by 10 a.m. because before 10, people would not be in much hurry. When people are not in a hurry to reach their offices or workplaces on time, you can expect novelty, civility, and politeness.

Walk Fast

You are a tourist in New York, and you will want to savor every bit of New York. But it is recommended that you walk fast to reach a destination. To New Yorkers, the only means of transportation is by bus, subway, cycling, and walking. So if you find a lot of people on the road when you are out to sight, see, make sure that you walk fast and do not stop anywhere abruptly. That is because there are two footpaths, one on each side. One is for walking towards the destination, and one is for coming back. You cannot suddenly stop in front of a shop or café, to observe the beautiful dresses or shoes, or other accessories. You are expected to behave like New Yorkers even if you are a tourist. You must be traveling with a purpose, and aimless travelers are entirely unwanted in the streets of New York City. Otherwise, you will get a lot of negative criticism on the face, and New Yorkers are quite sharp with their tongue, as their busy life indicates.

Order Your Food Fast

As you must have understood, New York is a bustling city, and people are rushing every time you come on to the streets, and everyone has to go somewhere. Many New Yorkers often miss their breakfast and rush to the cafes to grab their breakfast. If you are a tourist, the first thing is that you should avoid office hours, and secondly, if you are ordering something during office hours, make sure you do that quickly. There are dozens of people standing in long queues, so you need to make your mind about what you will be ordering before you enter the café. Your travel guide can help you with the menus and orders.


Don’t Wait For a Taxi

It is almost useless waiting for a cab at all times of the day. The means of transportation are quite a few, and the number of taxes is not that much as compared to the population. The reason is that most people live nearby their workplaces and the people who come from far have their cars. So if you are someone who can wait for hours, and get rejected by several taxis, you should travel in a cab. But otherwise, forget the experience because it will only test your patience. Instead, you can book a carpool service.

Don’t Take Pictures of People without Asking

New York is home to several cultures and people from various backgrounds. You can come across many people who are perfect for your pictures, but that does not mean that they dressed up outrageously so that people click their images without asking for permission first. So you need to be polite enough to ask them if they would like to take a picture with you, and they would be more than honored to be part of your NYC memory.

These are a few dos and don’ts that you should know before you plan your next trip to NYC.

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