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The most beautiful gardens in the world, according to Tripadvisor reviews

Public gardens matter. They reconnect us with nature, offering a much-needed respite from the frenetic nature of modern-day living.

So given how important these green spaces are for our well-being, HouseFresh analyzed thousands of Tripadvisor reviews to create a list of the world’s most beautiful gardens.

The most beautiful garden in the world

With over 12,000 “beautiful” mentions on Tripadvisor, Gardens by the Bay in Singapore is the most aesthetically pleasing public park in the world.

Asia’s premier horticultural destination spans 101 hectares next to the Marina Reservoir in central Singapore. Stand-out features include the world’s largest greenhouse and ‘supertrees’ towering over 50-meters tall.

50million people have visited the garden since its gates opened in 2005. And many of them left glowing reviews on Tripadvisor. “Epic. Beautiful. Stunning. Memorable,” wrote one user. “A must-see for any nature lover.”

The 10 most beautiful gardens in the world

Jardin Majorelle gardens in Marrakech, Morocco, is the second most beautiful green space in the world, according to Tripadvisor reviews. The two-and-a-half acre botanical landscape has 8,187 beautiful mentions.

The word “beautiful” appears in 6,818 reviews of the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris, France, putting it in third place.

The Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens in Las Vegas comes next, followed by Singapore’s Botanic Gardens.

Canada’s only entry, The Butchart Gardens, takes the 6th spot. Positions 7 and 8 belong to Australian parks. They are Kings Park in Perth and Sydney’s Royal Botanical Garden.

Tivoli Gardens in Denmark is 9th, and the 10th and final place is occupied by Boston Public Park in Massachusetts, USA.

The most beautiful gardens in the USA

Not many people go to Las Vegas for the gardens. But it’s where they’ll find the USA’s most beautiful green space – The Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Garden.

It’s a 14,000-square-foot atrium brimming with color, exotic fauna, and stunning water features. The garden comprises four main sections, each of which mirrors a different season.

“The attention to detail is stunning,” posted one happy visitor. “It’s like walking through a fairytale. The fresh flowers, the artwork, the design, the giant bird and balloon sculptures – everything is so beautiful!”

The Portland Japanese Garden in Portland, Oregon, is another one of North America’s best-loved parks. Even the former Ambassador of Japan to the United States agrees. After visiting the park back in the late 1980s, His Excellency Nobuo Matsunaga called it “the most beautiful and authentic Japanese garden outside of Japan.”

Why gardens matter

Andrew Downing dedicated his life to gardens. The landscape designer and horticulturist is widely regarded as the founder of American landscape architecture.

When asked about the joys of a public garden, he said, “They are the most perfect union of the useful and the beautiful that the earth knows. Trees full of soft foliage; blossoms fresh with spring bounty; and, finally, fruit, rich, bloom-dusted, melting, and luscious. There is nothing like a well-designed public garden for enriching our health and spirits!

Here’s the full breakdown of the world’s most beautiful gardens.

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