The Most Beautiful Island In The World – Palawan Island

The world hides amazing places. Beauty, nature, history and stories. Even when you walk through all exotic destinations on your list, there are always some places which you still do not have it explored. One of those places is certainly the island of Palawan.

This is another proof that the Philippines is a place which can never be sufficiently investigated and also possessing incredible, heavenly beauty. The country has indeed many exotic islands, but the island Palawan consistently leads the list of the most beautiful islands in the world. Palawan Island, along with the neighboring islands, constitutes the province of Palawan, also known as Paradise. The island has a few fishing villages. The nature there is as unexplored jungle which attracts you to explore it with a one breath. Island Palawan it is better defined by the water that surrounds it. With beautiful views, wild animals that rule on land and in water, this region extends on 650km immediately to Borneo. The place is really a perfect choice for leisure, recreation, adventure and enjoyment.

Puerto Princesa City is located in the central part. It represents the island’s culinary capital and also is a perfect place to start your research. The coast of the island is an alternative highway for passengers who arrive by boat and who wanting to visit the small and authentic fishing villages or uninhabited islands. In the southern part, where the topography of the island is a little rougher, it is possible to explore the mountains crowned with jungles. In this section there are several resorts and hotels that will allow you to enjoy unparalleled comfort, in the middle of nowhere. From the wildlife, might surprise you the violet shrimp, Philippine mouse-deer, numerous species of butterflies and gorgeous Palawan Bear-Cat.

If you still want to try something unique, you should take one of the tours in the underground river or to use the most utilized vehicle there – tricycles, if you want to explore the island. The beauty of Palawan certainly will dazzle you.

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