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The Most Colorful Stairs The World

Walking up or down stairs is often difficult, hard and tiring, but some street artists trying to make it interesting to people. They entertained them by their actions and colors which bring freshness in lives. At that way arising beautiful artworks on the concrete stairs worldwide.

If you are a lover of street art and look for inspiration, we recommend you to visit these stairs all over the world where you can visualize the technique and mastery.

1. 16th Avenue Tiled Steps, San Francisco

2. Valparaíso, Chile

3. Wuppertal, Germany

As time passes, the street art is increasingly seen through the beauty of effort to make a boring concrete city wonderful and worthy of admiration. Already street art is not considered as vandalism and vulgarity. Street art today is accepted as legitimate and wonderful form of art. People who dealing with it tend to decorate more public areas and to add color to break the grayness, especially in cities. Parts of the following acts are made by the community, which means that worldwide there is increasing acceptance of street art.

4. Sicily, Italy

5. Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

For example, in coloring the stairs like the rainbow in Turkey, took part the government itself. In support of that act a few surrounding towns drew and painted stairs too. The art of the stairs in San Francisco are made by 300 people. That stairs are really valuable to climb on.

6. Beirut, Lebanon

7. Istanbul, Turkey

Mosaics, portraits and abstract art is what you will find while walking on the colorful stairs in the world. From Rio de Janeiro to Tehran, this is the most beautiful stairs in the world. Where they lead? It does not matter. The most important thing is that every step is wonderful.

8. Tehran, Iran

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