The Most Important Things You Need to Know Before Visiting Oman

Are you about to visit Oman? If that is the case then we are pretty sure that you are a little bit nervous. You might even be asking yourself what should I pack for my trip? What if it’s going to be too hot there, what if I do something wrong?

Well, let us assure you, Oman is an extremely welcoming country and this guide will help you figure out all of the most important things to help you get to know Oman before your next visit!

Where is Oman located?

Oman is located on the coast of the Arabian Peninsula in Southwestern Asia by the Indian Ocean. It has a population of nearly 5 million people.

The country also borders UAE in the Northwest, Saudi Arabia to the West, Yemen to the Southwest, and also Iran and Pakistan (maritime borders).

With around three thousand kilometers of coastline along its shores, Oman offers some amazing views while exploring it by boat, ferry, car, or on foot.

Visa Information

Oman is one of the countries that use the electronic visa system. This helps all eligible travelers to get their travel authorization documents, in this case, eVisas – online.

Oman eVisa comes in three types, differing in the length of stay and number of entries allowed.

How to get an eVisa for Oman?

To get an electronic visa for Oman, travelers should simply fill out a quick application form, cover the issuing fee, and wait for approval. The whole process takes just a few minutes and can be completed entirely online with no visits to the embassy or consulate.

Approved Omani eVisa gets delivered to each applicant via email in the form of a PDF file, which can, later on, be printed and presented upon crossing the border. Moreover, applications are processed by the Omani Government within 72 hours maximally.


The currency is the Omani rial (OMR), while the currency symbol for the Omani rial is ﷼.

One US dollar gives 0,38 Omani rial, which is not that much. That is why, if you are planning to visit Oman, make sure to plan out your budget carefully.

An average budget for a trip to Oman would be between 50 to 200 Omani rials per day.

What to Pack for a Visit in Oman

The climate there is what could surprise foreign travelers the most since it’s one of the hottest climates worldwide. You might want to be prepared!

Make sure you have these essentials before packing for your trip to Oman:

  • A high-quality sunscreen with a very high protection from the sun
  • A hat or any other head coverage
  • Light-material, breathable clothes (that will be respectful for the locals)
  • A scarf (that can come in handy in many situations, even upon entering a mosque or at any need to cover your head while in Oman)

Language and Etiquette in Oman


The official language spoken by most citizens is Arabic but English, Baluchi, and Urdu are also widely understood and used throughout society as well. Arabic can also be divided into different dialects spoken around different parts of Oman.

But you will most likely be able to get around knowing just English, thanks to the recent rise of TEFL courses in the region.

Religion and Customs

Religion plays an important role in daily life here as Islam is practiced by most of its citizens. However, there are also Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, and Jews living in Oman.

It’s important to respect the culture and religion of the people living within the country you are currently visiting and adhere to their rules and customs.

Dress Code in Oman

When you’re not sure how conservative the country is, it’s often hard to know where the line is and if you should be dressing more or less modestly than usual.

We recommend wearing clothes that will cover your shoulders and knees, but still will be comfortable enough to go with your day in the hot climate.

While on the beach, you can most definitely wear a swimsuit; however, out of respect, make sure it won’t be too revealing.

Alcohol in Oman

Oman is a country that has some very unique laws. One of them being its prohibition on alcohol, which can make traveling there interesting for someone who enjoys an occasional drink.

However, outside the Holy Month of Ramadan (when alcohol is off the limits), travelers can enjoy an occasional drink in a few limited places, usually located within the hotels.

Make sure not to go overboard since being intoxicated may be viewed as an offence (without the special Omani alcohol license).

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