The Most Popular Tourists Destination Playa Del Carmen

Do you want to warm a bit in these autumn days? There is a place where you will be welcomed by smiling faces of the small, chubby residents, descendants of former Mai. Also, there you will be delighted by sandy beach and turquoise sea. We are talking about one of the most visited resorts in Mexico, which each year gains increasingly growing in popularity among tourists worldwide, the famous Playa Del Carmen.

Playa Del Carmen e city located south of Cancun on the coast of the Caribbean Sea. Visitors visit this city because of the fun, beautiful beaches and tropical luxury. The beaches and water sports are very popular among tourists.

Mayans are not the only inhabitants of this nice town. You will notice that when you meet people from all over the world who spend their holidays, but also those who live there and work. The next thing that will delight you in Playa Del Carmen is a beautiful, long, sandy beach with countless bars, restaurants, places for massage, seagulls that will steal your food, water sports and of course – turquoise blue sea.

The heart of Playa Del Carmen represents the Fifth Avenue. It is the first street parallel to the beach, full of cafes, restaurants, souvenir shops, boutiques, street performers and hotels. Here you will find shops that sell Cuban cigars and rum. Playa Del Carmen has a great choice of everything, from food to small souvenirs which leaves no one indifferent.

In Playa Del Carmen you can visit the huge ecological park with enormous cages with birds, aquariums with dolphins, habitats for turtles and beach great for swimming and diving. It is recommended to stay in the park until the late hours where you can see a variety of performances exploring the Mayan past.

And while among cold days you enjoy the beautiful sun, unusual flavors and amazing Caribbean beaches, for sure you will want to stay in Playa Del Carmen forever.

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